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Tran Air Conditioning Installed at Day & Night

You may have already resolved that 2017 will be when you decide on air conditioning replacement for your old central AC system. You may have narrowed your choices to two of the top brands, Lennox and Trane.

We at Day & Night Air are not trying to influence your decision — they are both worthy brands — but we would not be the high quality HVAC company Phoenix homeowners have come to depend on if we did not provide high quality advice.


Nationally, most owners of Trane central air conditioners report high marks for reliability. Trane has the innovative XV20i, a modulating model that runs at low capacity almost constantly in hot weather, but increases in energy-sipping increments as low as one percent in response to demand. This means you can keep your Phoenix home temperature as close as a half a degree Fahrenheit to your desired setting. It rates at 21 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which is not at the top of the scale, but very close.

Trane models can “talk” to you via your smart phone, alerting you to system malfunctions, needed filter changes and more. Expect a 10-year warranty on everything except the compressor, which carries a 12-year warranty. Day & Night Air technicians have years of experience installing the very popular Trane air conditioners.


Lennox Home Air Conditioning Unit

Every brand has a “deluxe” line; in Lennox this means the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, with the XC25 at top billing. It has a SEER rating of up 26 SEER (depending on unit size), which can cut your energy costs by as much as 60 percent if you are replacing an old unit. The XC25 is also one of the Most Efficient Energy Star qualified products for 2016.

An added wrinkle: the XC25 can be hooked directly to solar panels that can be used to power the air-conditioner, and to supply excess power to your home. For Phoenix homeowners, that could be a deal-clincher. Lennox provides a 10-year warranty on the system. Day & Night Air can install your next Trane AC unit.


No matter the brand, proper installation can make or break your central air conditioner. You will gain maximum energy efficiency with optimal installation. Day & Night Air’s NATE-certified installation technicians can adapt the new model to your home easily and efficiently.

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