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For Valley of the Sun residents, summer heat is just a fact of life. Most summer days see temperatures above the 100 degrees Fahrenheit mark. An air conditioned home is one of the best every day solutions we have to escape such brutal heat. Which makes having a reliable, experienced Phoenix HVAC company on speed dial an absolute must in case of inopportune air conditioning equipment failures.

Sometimes even our homes can’t give us the much needed respite from the sultry dog days of summer. To keep the heat from making you crazy, consider checking out one of the following best summer getaways to escape that Phoenix heat.

Salt River Tubing

Escaping Phoenix Heat by going Salt River Tubing

Put on the bathing suits, pack the sunscreen, and prepare yourself for a day of cool water relief. Tubing down the Lower Salt River is an Arizona tradition and is the perfect half-day Phoenix getaway. Simply park your car at the tubing outfitters that’ll offer a bus to the start of your desired run. Then jump in, lean back, and enjoy a lazy two-to-four hour float (depending upon where you launch and the rate of water flow). This winding float through some of the region’s more picturesque areas is great for individuals and families.

Grand Canyon Adventure

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and the only one that lies within the continental United States. It’s within just a four hour drive from Phoenix. Not only is it much cooler there, away from the city’s blacktops and urban heat, but a couple days in nature have long been a great cure for pent-up summer angst. Spend a weekend traversing some of the more scenic hiking trails and camping underneath the stars. Thrill-seekers might enjoy a ride down the area’s white-water rapids, while less outdoorsy individuals may prefer a glimpse from above with a helicopter tour.

Christopher Creek Lodge

Enjoying the cool weather of Christopher Creek

If you like the idea of the outdoors, but sleeping bags and tent poles have you shaking your head, consider an escape to the Christopher Creek Lodge. Here, traditional cabins are outfitted with modern amenities. The surrounding Mogollon Rim offers a variety of activities that’ll keep you cool creek-side and underneath forest canopies.

Wet ‘n’ Wild

Family staying cool in Phoenix at a water park

For those who’d rather find a cool escape within the city, Wet ‘n’ Wild offers a cool family solution. Covering 35 acres, this is the largest theme park in Arizona and offers a variety of water-based rides and activities. For instance, Monsoon Bay features four-foot swells for those wanting an ocean-like experience, while the Maximum Velocity coaster allows riders to race in tandem tubes down parallel-running slides.

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino

Escaping phoenix heat by going to a casino

There’s also a variety of indoor, air conditioned activities to enjoy as you escape the outside heat. The Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino offers a plethora of activities. You can spend a day betting on your favorite horses before enjoying free live entertainment on the weekends at the adjoining Encore Lounge.

Day & Night Air

For whatever escape you choose, at the end of it you’ll want to return to the comfort of your air conditioned home. If your air conditioner breaks and you’re in need of emergency repair or replacement, contact us at Day & Night Air for the much needed fix.

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