How to Keep Your Arizona Garage Cool | Day and Night Air

It’s no surprise that Arizona garages can get more than uncomfortable during the summer months – the heat can be downright dangerous. Many homeowners simply don’t make use of their garages the way they’d like to because it’s just too hot.

If you’re one of them and interested in how to cool a garage then keep reading to learn more.

Insulate the Ceiling

Any room can be cooled significantly with good insulation and this is true of the garage as well. You don’t need ceiling wallboard if you use paper-backed batt-insulation. Just install the insulation with a staple gun, being sure the paper side is down.

You could also use netting made specifically to hold insulation. In that case, you’d still use a staple gun to fasten the netting.

Plant a Tree

If your garage is particularly hot because it’s exposed to direct sunlight all day long, then consider planting a tree or installing an adjustable awning. This can block the sun in the summer and keep the garage cooler.

Try to plant the tree so that it’s between the garage and the direction of the sun during the hottest part of the day. Almost any hardwood tree would work well and offers some welcome shade.

Install Air Conditioning

Of course, the above options are great if you want to reduce the temperature in your garage by a few degrees, but they’re not long-term solutions to keep your garage cool and comfortable all year round. That’s where air conditioning comes in.

Many homeowners assume that it would simply be too expensive to install an air conditioning system in their garage, but the truth is that new innovations have made it easier and more affordable than ever to ensure every room in your home is cool – including the garage.

Day & Night Air

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