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An AC unit that functions properly and efficiently is an absolute necessity in Arizona. Purchasing a new AC unit can require a significant investment. Fortunately, there are plenty of rebates for energy efficiency upgrades that Arizona homeowners can use to ease the burden of keeping their home cool throughout the year. In many cases, installation of an energy efficient air conditioning system can result in savings of more than 20 percent on annual cooling costs and 13 percent savings during times of peak demand. These savings are further enhanced when coupled with other energy efficient upgrades, including lighting, windows, insulation, solar systems, etc.

Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

APS and the Department of Energy offer rebates up to $200 for the installation of new air conditioners or heat pumps. Rebates are also available for AC tune-ups, duct sealing, and duct test and repair. To qualify, individuals must be permanent APS customers and reside in a qualifying domicile.

APS AC Rebates 

Individuals who are planning to replace an air conditioner or heat pump that is 10 years old or older can qualify for up to $200 in rebates from Arizona Public Service. Systems must be installed by contractors on the APS qualified contractor list and the systems must be in compliance with the programs SEER standards. The APS rebates for new air conditioners program is open only to permanent APS customers. APS offers rebates for installation of Smart Thermostats, Programmable Thermostats, HVAC fan optimizers, and many other upgrades. These systems will further reduce energy usage and lower your monthly utility bills which make them wise investments that return considerable dividends over time. APS typically processes rebate requests within six to eight weeks of application. The team at Day & Night Air is happy to help you apply for these rebates offered by APS. We can help you fill out the paperwork to ensure that the systems you want to have installed will qualify for these Arizona energy rebates and other programs that might be available. We invite you to contact us at 602-497-4662 to learn more about these rebate programs and other rebates for energy efficiency upgrades that you may qualify for to help keep your cool and your utility bills from heating up beneath the Phoenix sun this year.

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