10 Kid-Approved Outdoor Activities You Can Bring Inside | Day & Night Air

Summer is coming into full swing here in Arizona. It’s becoming too hot to be outside one moment longer than you absolutely have to. Stuck inside and recently freed from school, kids can get pretty stir-crazy. They’re going to want to play, so here are a few outdoor activities that you can easily bring into a nice air-conditioned home.

Scavenger Hunts

Kids love to search for things, and setting up a scavenger hunt indoors is just as easy as it is outside. Plus, you can hand out bonus points for whoever finds that garage door opener you lost two months ago.


Blowing bubbles and watching them dance in the air is a classic summertime activity. Why not do it inside, too? Just make sure that your bubbles are safe for the indoors.

Face and Body Painting

Got a brush? Got some face or body paint? Get painting!

Playing with Chalk

Paint a chalk wall or put up a temporary chalkboard and get creative!

Have Some Iced Tea

Bring the porch inside. You can even bring your patio chairs in! Brew up a nice batch of iced tea and spend a lazy afternoon looking out the window.

Nature Rubbings and Pressings

Take some bark or pretty leaves from outside and press them for posterity or place a sheet of paper over them and rub with a crayon to copy their shape. It’s pretty, educational and easy!


If you have a few square yards of space you can free up, you can lay down some electrical tape and play hopscotch! Just make sure to move anything with sharp corners.

Jumping Rope

The above tip goes just as well for jumping rope, though you’ll have to make sure to avoid hitting any ceiling fans.

Jacks and Marbles

These classic playground games just need a hard floor to play on.

Hide and Seek

You won’t have as many places to hide as you do outside, but this is still a great way to spend an afternoon when you or your kids have a lot of energy to burn.

Day & Night Air Conditioning

You don’t have to sit still just because summer is here. Just be sure that you have the phone number for Day & Night Air close at hand for any AC repairs you may need. In Phoenix during the summer a properly functioning air conditioning system is crucial for the health and safety of your family.

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