6 Ways to Save Energy & Stay Cool in Phoenix, AZ

From south Chandler to north Scottsdale, the Phoenix metro area is well known for its hot summers. Keeping cool affordably might sound impossible, but here are six solid tips that won’t cost you much, if anything, and will end up saving you big over the summer.

Opt for Better Attic Ventilation

Even though you probably don’t spend much time, if any, in your attic, you should always keep it well ventilated. Hot, stale air in your attic bleeds into your home, as if you’re always running the oven while you’re trying to run your AC. Make sure your attic vents are not blocked by any debris.

Don’t Skip Out on Routine A/C Unit Maintenance

Parts age and become less efficient, airflow gets impeded by dust buildup and air filters get dirty enough to affect your air conditioning. Having AC tune-ups and maintenance done regularly will ensure that your unit runs as efficiently (and cheaply) as possible and prevents costly emergency repairs later.

Yes, Your AC Unit Needs Shade Too

Direct sunlight hitting your AC unit heats the air around it, and it has to work that much harder to bring the air inside your home down to a comfortable temperature. Keeping the sun off the unit as much as possible will keep it cool and help it work more efficiently.


Keep Your Blinds Closed

Sunlight streaming into your home looks nice, but it also heats up your house as that sunlight’s heat will be absorbed inside. Cover all windows, especially west-facing ones, with blinds or shade screens.

Check For and Patch Up Any Air Leaks

No home’s insulation is perfect. Inspect doors, windows and vents for air leaks. You can light an incense stick and hold it by any edges that might let air out – if the smoke is blown, you have an air leak.


Check and Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Dirty air filters will slow down your air circulation. If you’ve noticed your AC not working as well as it used to, it’s possible that your filters have gotten dirty enough to affect the unit’s efficiency. You should check your filters regularly and change them as needed.

Want Even Better Efficiency and Energy Savings? Contact Day & Night Air Today!

These smart air conditioner tips are a great and easy start to saving on air conditioning costs this summer. If you haven’t had any maintenance done on your unit in a while, get in touch with us. At Day & Night Air, we are always ready to help.