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During the night, your body temperature drops a few degrees to make it easier to get into full relaxation mode. However, it isn’t just your body temperature that plays a role in sleep, but also the temperature in the room.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends keeping the temperature in your bedroom between 65 and 72 degrees to get the best sleep. Every individual is different, so your perfect temperature may fall outside this range. These are just general guidelines.

Why Temperature Is Important

Your body needs to maintain a fairly consistent temperature in order for you to achieve deep, restful sleep. When the temperature in the room is too hot or too cold, it can be difficult for your body to maintain a steady internal temperature. The end result is that you wake up frequently during the night to kick off your blankets or to bundle up.

Your body temperature also plays a role in your ability to enter the rapid eye movement (REM) phase of sleep. This is the stage where your body gains the most benefits from sleep. If you can’t get into this phase, you’ll likely wake up still feeling groggy and not well-rested.

Using Air Conditioning for Better Sleep

Your home’s HVAC system is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. When you turn in for the night, turn the temperature down a few degrees to promote restful sleep. In the winter, this will not only help you sleep, but also help you save money on heating costs. In the summer, the effect is reversed, and your A/C system will have to work harder to keep your home at the optimal level.

To help combat these higher energy costs in the summer, fans are great for regulating temperature. Fans force the air inside your home to circulate, helping to keep a more even temperature throughout, preventing hot or cold spots from forming. Because the air is moving, it will also feel cooler against your skin, even when the overall temperature is warmer.

Controlling Humidity

Another benefit of air conditioning is that it reduces humidity inside your home. In areas where humidity is common, this can make it much easier to sleep. When the air is humid, it is more difficult to breathe, and your body has to work harder to extract oxygen from the air. This breathing difficulty can disrupt your sleep, as your body isn’t able to relax.

For dry climates, like we have here in Phoenix, the opposite is true. When the air is especially dry, it can dry out your nasal passages and sinuses, resulting in discomfort. In these weather conditions, you may wish to use a humidifier to make yourself a bit more comfortable.

Maintaining Efficiency

Whether you are using air conditioning in the summer or heating in the winter, you’ll want your HVAC system to be functioning as efficiently as possible. This will make it easier for your system to maintain the temperature you prefer and can also help to reduce your energy bills.

Regular air conditioning maintenance is one of the most powerful tools you have available to you when it comes to keeping your system working properly. Aim to have a Phoenix A/C repair technician look over your system at least twice a year, leading up to summer and winter. The off seasons are the best times for A/C unit repair, as your system will be ready to go when you need it.

In addition to regular maintenance, you should also change your air filters frequently to maintain the air quality inside your home. The air filters trap dust and other contaminants as the air is sucked into the unit, preventing it from getting pushed back into your home when the system is running. However, air filters have their limits, and they need to be kept clear in order to work.

The schedule you’ll need to follow for changing your air filters depends on the brand and type of filter, as well as your air conditioning usage. Most filters need to be changed about every one to three months, but check the manufacturer’s instructions for your filters to be sure.

Trust Day & Night for Your Phoenix A/C Repair Needs

Here at Day & Night Air, we work with homeowners and businesses throughout the Valley of the Sun. We’ll be happy to help you keep your air conditioning and heating system running smoothly over the years. From general maintenance to major repairs, we have the skills and expertise to handle any A/C issues you are experiencing.

If you are having difficulty sleeping, a faulty or inefficient HVAC system may be the culprit. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment to give your system a checkup. Once your system is fixed, you’ll be off to dreamland in no time.

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