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Phoenix Area Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance

Here in Phoenix our weather can run to extremes. We experience triple-digit temperatures in the summer, and the winter nights can get well below freezing. Your HVAC has to work hard to keep you comfortable all year long in the southwest.

Your HVAC system is a critical component for your family’s comfort and health. In Phoenix, we experience high levels of pollen and other allergens as well as one of the highest levels of air pollution in the country. Your HVAC not only conditions your air, but the filtration system keeps out pollen and other allergens making your home’s air cleaner and healthier to breathe.

That’s why Day & Night Air offers comprehensive AC and heating maintenance in Phoenix. Keeping your HVAC unit in top condition can help to lower your utility bills and make sure that your system is running at peak efficiency when you need it! We take tremendous pride in what we do and our commitment to delivering exceptional service has made us one of the top heating and air companies in the Valley.

The Importance of Having Your Heating and AC Systems Professionally Maintained

Your HVAC system is a major investment. Keeping it operating at peak efficiency means having it periodically maintained. In fact, manufacturers, utility companies, and industry professionals all recommend at least annual heating and AC maintenance services to keep your system performing optimally. Yet most homeowners fail to have their systems professionally maintained.

Your system is designed to last 10 to 15 years under normal use. As your system ages, its efficiency level goes down. That means it’s working harder to do the same job of keeping your home comfortable. Lower efficiency means more money spent on utilities, more frequent repairs, and a shorter lifespan.

The Arizona summers are hot…and long. That means your AC system has an important job keeping your family comfortable. Regular professional, bi-annual maintenance in the spring and fall can keep your system in peak operating condition as we enter the two toughest seasons of the year, summer and winter. Regular maintenance is a proactive approach that can often prevent expensive repairs by identifying problems before they happen. Having your HVAC system professionally maintained on a regular basis can prolong its life, lower your energy costs, and keep it running efficiently year round.

The Tangible Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Along with better efficiency, regular maintenance provides tangible benefits. With regular maintenance, your system can use significantly less energy than systems that are not regularly maintained. That means consistently lower energy bills throughout the life of your unit and that’s just the beginning. Regular maintenance by a qualified HVAC professional can:

  • Add 3 to 5 (or more) productive years to the life of your system
  • Increase efficiency and comfort – no more “hot” spots!
  • Ensure safety
  • Keep your warranties in place
  • Reduce downtime and the likelihood of an inconvenient and costly repair

At Day & Night Air we offer a number of regularly scheduled maintenance plans that are specifically designed to keep your system running at peak efficiency.

Warning Signs That Your System Needs Maintenance

If you haven’t had regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system, there are several warning signs to watch for that can mean your system may need immediate attention. These include:

  • Difficulty Maintaining Temperature – This is the most obvious sign. If your system isn’t working properly, there’s a problem! As components wear out, they work harder to perform their job. Ultimately the system will run longer, but at a much lower efficiency. Target temperatures are harder to reach and maintain. If your HVAC system seems to be cycling more often, or running continuously, it’s a sign.
  • Sluggish Start, or Command Acceptance – Your HVAC system contains many components that need to work together for proper use. One of the most important is the thermostat. It sends commands to all of the other components to operate your system. A thermostat can fail independently leaving the system unable to operate properly.
  • Hot or Cold Spots – If your system is operating inefficiently, you may notice areas of your home that are hot when the AC is on or cold when the heat is running. This is a sign that there may be an issue with your ductwork.
  • Poor Ventilation – Your HVAC isn’t just there to moderate temperature. It also ensures proper ventilation. If not properly maintained, the air inside your home can be more polluted than the outside air. If just a few rooms smell musty or stale, it can offer clues as to blocked airflow.

• Increased Utility Bills – Your HVAC is a major contributor to your utility costs. As your system ages, it becomes less efficient. If you notice a big spike in your electric bill, a mechanical issue may be the culprit. Your entire system should be inspected for issues.

Choose Day & Night Air For Your HVAC Maintenance Needs

If you live in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, Day & Night Air provides the best AC and heating maintenance services in the Valley. We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering only the best service to our customers. Our team of factory-trained technicians has the experience and expertise to diagnose and repair any HVAC system. We use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose problems with your system and we offer regular scheduled maintenance plans to keep your HVAC system running efficiently, year round!

When you call Day & Night for your maintenance needs, we come to your home and inspect your entire system. We test for leaks, clean the burner and blower motor, check and calibrate the ignition system, evaporator coils, electrical connections, and safety features to make sure your system is safely operating. We’ll clean and inspect the ventilation components of your system and change filters if necessary. Finally, we check and calibrate the thermostat, check the flue draft, and visually inspect your entire system to determine it’s operating condition.

We are experts at keeping your home or business’s HVAC running efficiently. If you’d like more information or to schedule an appointment, give Day & Night Air a call, today!