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Tankless Water Heater Installation

Choosing between a standard tank or tankless water heater is a personal decision for the Phoenix homeowner. Both unit types have distinct benefits, yet each has a few notable drawbacks. At Day & Night Air, our goal is not to “sell” you on a particular product or brand, but to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision you will feel good about today and in the years to come.


Tankless systems heat water on demand, with no storage. Whether you choose a gas or electric unit, the tankless heater takes up very little room compared to a standard water heater’s 80-gallon tank. This means the unit can be installed where it is most needed, in spaces such as:

  • New addition to your existing home
  • Master suite bathroom
  • Guest bathroom

Why Go Tankless?

Three words: No bulky tank. Other than freeing up space, Arizona homeowners have come to enjoy other benefits of tankless water heaters that include:

  • Energy savings: The federal Energy Star program highlights great choices in economizing tankless technology.
  • No waiting: The moment you turn on the hot water faucet, hot water comes to you from the tankless heater.
  • No wasted water: No need to let the faucet run while waiting for several gallons of water in the pipes to clear before hot water flows.

After a day in the dry Arizona air, nothing feels as good as a just-right warm shower to rehydrate skin and soul. A tankless heater can provide plenty of hot water to help you relax without fear of running the tank dry.

Types of Tankless Systems

Tankless hot water heaters are constructed and produced in three designs:

  • Non-condensing: A heat exchanger heats water that circulates around it, yielding an efficiency factor of anywhere from 0.82 to 0.85; such a system usually requires a stainless steel vent for exhausting the excess heat.
  • Condensing: This system uses a secondary heat exchanger to recapture excess heat and boost efficiency to 0.92 to 0.94, allowing for plastic vents.
  • Condensing hybrid: Hybrids have a one- or two-gallon holding tank for short draw-offs (washing hands) while still providing unlimited hot water for long showers or dishwashing. These usually operate at 94 percent efficiency and higher.

Navien Tankless Systems

Tankless Water Heater- Navien

courtesy of: Navien

Day & Night recommends Navien tankless water heaters. These gas-fired systems can produce up to 199,900 BTUs per hour for unlimited, piping-hot water. Navien makes both condensing and non-condensing units, and Day & Night expertly installs both types. Navien’s pluses:

  • Quick installation, reducing labor costs
  • Long life
  • Fast heating
  • Navien’s NPE-S series is the most energy-efficient tankless water heater available
  • Low operating costs

Although we recommend Navien tankless units, Day & Night Air is experienced with installing and servicing all major brands. Please contact us today to learn more about the perfect tankless water heater for your Phoenix-area home.

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