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Day and Night AC Heating & Plumbing in Surprise

At Day & Night Air we are proud to provide Surprise residents with the heating and cooling repairs — and plumber services — they call for, but our heaviest demand is clearly for air conditioning services.

The Heat is No Surprise

Surprise may or may not have been named in honor of Surprise, Nebraska, after the Arizona town’s co-founder, Homer C. Ludden. He and his beloved wife, Flora Mae Statler were clearly not surprised at the heat. Surprise “enjoys” average high July temperatures of nearly 105, according to Sperling’s Best Places.

Day & Night Air is ideally located to provide much-needed central air conditioning, ventilation and HVAC repair services to Surprise homeowners and businesses.

For AC work, we can repair, inspect, or install central air conditioning equipment to help keep you cool in your Surprise home or business. Even if we get a few days of a “cold snap,” we know not to expect spring, summer and fall temperatures to dip much below 80, which means your AC is working hard for many months.

Our technicians are trained to provide prompt, reliable service to all parts of your system, including:

  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Compressor
  • Air handler
  • Filtration
  • Thermostat

With Surprise central air conditioners working so hard, annual inspections and maintenance are critical, and Day & Night Air can provide that, too.

Not Much Water

Surprise may only get around nine inches of rain a year (according to Sperling’s Best Places), but that is little comfort when you wake to an unpleasant surprise of a burst pipe, leaky toilet, or clogged sewer line. Day & Night Air also provides expert plumbing repair, at any time, 24/7. We can also perform new installations, such as low-flow toilets, innovative showers with multiple heads, or beautiful kitchen sinks.

Service to Surprise

We serve all Surprise area neighborhoods, including:

  • Marley Park
  • Surprise Farms
  • Rancho Gabriela
  • Sierra Montana
  • Sun City Grand

Our technicians arrive to your Surprise home or business in fully stocked trucks, wearing clean uniforms and carrying identification. We have all the tools and supplies we need to perform the HVAC or plumbing work you want, without delay. Contact us at Day & Night Air to learn more about the many specials, services and equipment we can provide.

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