At the Arizona Humane Society, we believe every pet deserves a good life and have been operating under that belief since 1957. In the sixty years since opening our doors, we’ve seen our shelter grow, our services expanded and that mission becomes a reality for thousands of pets and their excited, new families.

Despite our best efforts, our facilities and equipment haven’t remained as up-to-date as we and the animals we care for would like. Heading into this summer we were facing a crisis. The Air Conditioning units which service our Trauma Hospital and other vital, life-saving departments were 18 years old and on their last legs. How we would care for these pets at their most critical time without a functioning air conditioner became a question of when not if. That is until Day & Night stepped in.

Jeff and Kori Martin, the owners of Day & Night have been fantastic partners to the Arizona Humane Society for some time now. With the summer rapidly approaching, Jeff and Kori simply asked us how they could help. Once we told them about the aging, failing units we were dependent on for critical care, the immediately stepped in with a solution. Calling on colleagues and business partners, Jeff and Kori arraigned two brand new Trane units to be fully installed on the Arizona Humane Society campus.

The peace of mind knowing every pet at the Arizona Humane Society, including those in most critical need, will be protected from Arizona’s harsh elements is invaluable. It is our mission to find each and every pet a loving family and home, but until that day comes, we’re thankful to Day & Night for keeping them cool, comfortable, and safe while they wait.