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Day & Night Air – the Phoenix-area Trane dealer so many Phoenicians have come to rely upon for maintenance, servicing and inspection of Trane cooling systems – also strives to be your first choice in Trane installation.

Why Trane?

At Day & Night Air, we have spent years working with all of the biggest names in HVAC systems. Over time, we have seen which systems and brands are the most reliable, and which ones we have learned not to trust. That is why we’ve partnered with Trane to bring our customers the best value and dependability for their money. Trane has a long history as a leading innovator in the air conditioning industry, and we know that you can count on their products even when temperatures reach extreme highs here in Phoenix. In addition, they are leading the way with great warranties to protect you and your property.

Trane Components

The Trane Company has been building and perfecting heating, ventilating and cooling systems for more than 120 years. Trane products, such as the Trane Hyperion air handler, combine dependable technology with leading-edge innovations. The Hyperion is the indoor component for circulating warm or cool air in your Phoenix home. Match it with Trane’s outstanding line of central air conditioners, heat pumps or furnaces and you have energy efficiency and fine-tuned comfort in one great package.

Trane TruComfort Technology

An excellent match for the Hyperion air handler is Trane’s XV20i TruComfort Variable Speed central air conditioner. Installed expertly by Day and Night Air’s trained technicians, this sturdy, quiet Trane AC is the next level of the company’s long tradition of reliability and innovation. The XV20i allows for efficient, precise comfort (within 0.5 degrees of set point), at very low sound levels, to give your Phoenix home the humidity control, exact temperature and clean air you deserve.

What Makes Installation So Important?

A Trane central air conditioner rolls off the assembly line as an incomplete unit. Trane trusts the HVAC contractor to complete the assembly on-site. This means the most expensive model can be ruined through sloppy installation procedures. It also means a more modest system can provide plenty of cooling power when installed, balanced and tuned up by a knowledgeable technician. Trane’s motto is, “It’s Hard to stop a Trane,” but even a Trane AC unit can break down if you skimp on its installation. Poorly designed ductwork, incorrectly sized components or mismatched pieces can rob your Phoenix home of cooling comfort, reduced humidity and cleaner air. Your family, and your finances, will suffer.

Day & Night Air

When you turn to Day & Night Air for Trane installation, you can trust that we know Trane products, we understand how to ensure the best custom installation, and we will leave your home with a perfectly balanced, finely tuned, complete cooling and heating system. Contact Day & Night Air today to learn more about Trane products and installation.

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