Day & Night's April 2019 Real Stories | Day & Night Air

I purchased a maintenance plan from Day & Night a few months back. I figured it was better to be proactive with my AC unit and not wait for an expensive breakdown. I turned out to be right!

I have family coming over for Easter brunch, and I noticed recently my AC was running a bit warm. I immediately panicked. It already gets a little warm when you have 20 family members in your dining room; I needed to make sure everyone was going to be comfortable! I called Day & Night, and they were able to send out a technician within a couple of hours!

I was so impressed with the technician’s friendliness and professionalism. As soon as he got to my home, he placed protective covers over his shoes before entering my home! He truly cared about my home and treated it with respect.

When it came time for him to address the issue, he was thorough and explained the problem in detail so I could understand. I feel like companies usually try to overwhelm you with information or use scare tactics to get you to pay more than what you need. He made sure I fully understood what had happened to my heater, and I trusted he was giving me accurate information.

After agreeing to the quote, he started the repair right away. His professionalism did not waver. He cleaned the entire area around my AC unit before beginning repairs, and when he was done, he even hosed off our pool deck!

Day & Night truly cared and I can’t thank him enough for the efficient and great job he did on repairing and maintaining our AC unit! I know my family will be comfortable during our Easter break.

If you have an HVAC problem, look no further than this company! - Barbara, Phoenix

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