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When was the last time you thought about your ductwork? If it’s been a while, it’s okay. That’s why we’re here. Make your HVAC system more efficient by being proactive about your ductwork. Whether it’s scheduling an air duct cleaning or jumping into a full replacement and installation, Day & Night can do it. 

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What Are Air Ducts?

Unlike air vents, air ducts are responsible for delivering warm and cool air into your home through your HVAC system. This forced air moves through your ductwork, which is typically made of either sheet metal or aluminum. 

Return ducts are also an important part of your heating and cooling system. They move air from inside your home back to the furnace or air conditioning unit.


Dirty Ducts Phoenix

Over time, dust, dirt, and debris will collect in your air ducts. This build-up could wind up blocking air flow, causing your system to overwork itself. In fact, your HVAC system might be working 20-40% harder than necessary if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. This not only leads to increased energy bills but also accelerates wear and tear on your HVAC unit, potentially shortening its lifespan.


Air Duct Cleaning in Phoenix

Most homeowners don’t think twice about their air ducts until they start experiencing issues like short cycling and inconsistent airflow. Dirty air ducts can also lead to poor indoor air quality, which can cause allergies or worsen asthma symptoms. Mold growth and pest infestations are also possible.

Luckily, Day & Night has your back. Our technicians have experience cleaning air ducts across the Phoenix and Greater Phoenix area. The Day & Night crew will clean your air ducts thoroughly, eliminating the risk of mold, mildew, or poor indoor air quality.

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Phoenix Ductwork Installation 

Air ducts often get left on the back burner when it comes to tune-ups and maintenance services—but we don’t ignore your ducts.

If your energy bills are rising while your indoor air quality is declining, it may be time to pick up the phone and contact Day & Night for ductwork installation. Our team is well-versed in replacing and installing new ductwork for Phoenix residents.

Not sure if you need a full replacement? Contact us to inspect your ductwork, and we’ll let you know. You should also consider installing new ductwork if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Leaking ductwork
  • Poorly-installed ductwork
  • Poorly-designed ductwork
  • Loose grills and registers
  • Increased dust and allergens


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You deserve to feel comfortable in your own home; so when your air ducts need to be cleaned or replaced, you know who to call. Day & Night has been Phoenix’s go-to contractor for air duct cleaning, maintenance, and installation services. Our team also offers emergency air duct services for those moments that just can’t wait. 

Get rid of indoor allergens once and for all with the help of Day & Night. Pick up the phone, or schedule your appointment online. It’s that easy.

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