Water Treatment Specialist

Water Treatment Specialist

Day & Night is your trusted provider of water treatment services and the surrounding areas. We understand that your primary concern is the health and safety of your family. That’s why our team makes you their priority. Whether you have concerns about water quality testing or you simply want better-tasting water, we are here for you.

Types of Home Water Treatment Systems?

Water treated in city filtration facilities can still contain trace amounts of heavy metals and other materials that could affect the body over time. That fact helped bolster the enormous popularity of bottled water over recent years. However, the water bottles are also contributors to our environmental crisis, polluting rivers, filling up landfills, and floating in the oceans, causing eco-conscious citizens to try and find another way to enjoy water. Many choose to take the step to ensure their tap water is safe and has a pleasant taste by choosing home water treatment in Phoenix.

At Day & Night we provide two options for home or business water treatment:
Reverse Osmosis
Water Softeners

Reverse Osmosis System Installation

Reverse osmosis works by passing water through a semipermeable membrane, trapping minerals and contaminants to allow the pure, clean water to pass to the other side. Since the process of water passing through a membrane is called osmosis, why is this system called reverse osmosis? In nature, osmosis occurs when water moves from a lower concentration to a higher concentration solution, such as freshwater moving to saltwater. In reverse osmosis, pressure is used to reverse the process, causing the higher concentration to move through the membrane, leaving fresh water on the other side.

The membrane in a reverse osmosis system traps is any mineral or contaminant as microscopic as 0.001 micrometers. The pollutants may be large particle minerals or harmful bacteria. The membrane prevents these and many other pathogens and undesirable particles from ending up in your drinking water. The result is clean-tasting, safe, and fresh drinking water. At Day & Night, our experienced technicians can quickly and easily install your reverse osmosis system in most homes where there is adequate room under the sink.

Water Softener Installation

Some minerals naturally found in water can be hard on the body and can also make it taste differently. Too much sodium can cause a salty taste. Too much iron can cause a metallic taste. Other minerals, like calcium, can build up around faucets and sinks, and cause kidney stones or other health problems. This is called “hard water,” and it is prevalent in the Phoenix area.

If you find that you have deposits around your faucets, if soap doesn’t seem to lather, or if you are itchy after showering, you may have hard water. Left untreated, hard water can build up in your appliances and your clothes, causing them to wear out faster. Our team at Day & Night can install a water softener in your home to filter out the calcium and other hard water minerals that leave residue on your sinks, tubs, and skin.

Why Choose Day & Night for Water Treatments?

Since 1984, Day & Night has provided first-class products and services to the residents of Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Our team of skilled tradesmen has the training and experience to solve even your most challenging problems. They pride themselves on continually learning about the latest technologies that can keep you and your family more comfortable and safer in your home.

When you want to make sure your water is safe and delicious to drink, count on our team at Day & Night for your water treatment installation. Call us at 602-900-9415 or contact us online today.

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