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Areas We Service

At Day & Night Air, we are proud to provide top quality air conditioning and plumbing services to our fellow Valley of the Sun residents. We do so year-round, seven days a week and 24 hours a day. When you need help for any of the following, we are ready to serve you.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning isn’t optional when you live in Arizona. Day & Night Air knows that better than anyone, so you’ll never have to worry about the question, “Is there a good HVAC service near me?” You can count on us.

Plumbing Services

You need water to survive in the desert, and we’ll make sure yours keeps flowing. We offer repairs and maintenance.

General Maintenance

Even the best HVAC systems need the occasional repair. We’ll keep on top of it and make sure that yours keeps you cool no matter what with our convenient maintenance plans.


Installing a new air conditioning system might seem pretty expensive, especially when it’s an additional cost on top of buying a new house. You don’t have to wait until you have all the cash on hand: We’ll help you finance your new system!

All of these services are available in the following areas:


Our fair city is the capital of Arizona and our state’s largest city (and fifth-largest city in the nation) – we work day in and day out to serve the HVAC needs of our neighbors.

North Valley

Home to so many of the Phoenix metro area’s citizens, the North Valley deserves an honest HVAC company, and with Day & Night Air, they have one.


Living in the swankiest part of the metro area in always nice, but residents and businesses in Scottsdale still need a reliable HVAC company like us.

Cave Creek

In the19th century, people suffering from tuberculosis came to Cave Creek for the hot, dry air, believing that it could help treat their condition. The dryness is pleasant, but the heat isn’t – with good air conditioning, you can keep your cool.


One of Phoenix’s most idyllic communities, Carefree lives up to its name. Not having to worry about air conditioning is an important part of that.


The Padres and the Mariners might have to hold their spring training practices out in the sunshine, but that doesn’t mean that the citizens of Peoria have to feel that heat.

East Valley

Boeing, Intel, MD Anderson and Arizona State University all make their home here – why not live comfortably amongst these giants?


Home to ASU and a center of Phoenix area culture, there’s plenty of reason to live here, and plenty of reasons to stay cool.


Nearly a quarter million people live in Chandler, and it’s growing fast. Moving in? Give us a call!


The living heart of the East Valley and the third-largest city in Arizona, nearly a half million people call Mesa home. We keep them cool.


One of Parenting magazine’s top places to raise a family, Anthem is a wonderful, family friendly town. If you live here, odds are it’s in a home that needs a good HVAC system – we’ll help you install it, maintain it and keep it working.

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