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Common Air Conditioning Financing Questions

Investing in an air conditioner is a major financial commitment. It’s important to understand all that is involved with it comes to paying for an air conditioner to be installed in your home. Below we outline some of the most common questions we get asked when people are looking into financing a new air conditioner.

    1. Where Can You Find AC Financing?
      There are typically different payment options when looking to install an air conditioner in your home. On Day & Night’s website, you can find financing opportunities on our website https://www.dayandnightair.com/financing-available/. It is also possible to check into getting a home improvement or personal line of credit loan through your bank.
    2. Do HVAC Companies Offer Financing?
      Most HVAC companies do have finance partners that they work with to make the process of buying a new air conditioner a painless and affordable one. Here at Day & Night Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we are proud to offer not just one but three different finance partners that can help provide the funds you need to get your new air conditioning system up and running. You can visit any of our finance partners and available plans by checking the links above.
    3. Is a Loan Worth it For a New AC Unit?
      In most cases, a loan is worth it when it comes to installing a new air conditioner. Having a financing plan that fits your budget to replace your HVAC or large plumbing projects can be to your advantage. Financing your air conditioner gives you the opportunity to make a large purchase that fits your situation, rather than disrupting your current cash flow or having to settle for a system that might cost less but will not suit your long-term needs. Depending on your credit situation, you can also save hundreds of dollars with a low or 0% interest rate and have extended payment options with no pre-payment penalties.
    4. Can You Qualify for AC Financing with Bad Credit?
      In general, most borrowers need good to average credit when it comes to setting up financing for an air conditioner or furnace system. We know that many people have faced difficult circumstances and that their credit score may have been impacted negatively but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be able to make large necessary purchases for their homes. We have financing partners that have different qualifications per situation, and one of our lenders has a second-chance program. See the links above for more specific information on the credit criteria of our lending partners.
    5. Are There Any Government Grants for Air Conditioning Units?
      Yes, there are several ways to gain financial assistance, with the newest government grants and rebates for upgraded systems. There are various government grants for replacing HVAC systems such as their newest initiative (IRA) The Inflation Reduction Act. Learn about the impacts the Inflation Reduction Act will have on the Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office at www.energy.gov. Not only this but each state also has its own specific state incentives to help cover the cost of air cooling systems for homes. Arizona Clean Energy has grants available that can help with assistance through (LIHEAP) The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. LIHEAP Map State and Territory Contact Listing NOTE: To inquire about LIHEAP assistance, the general public should use the public inquiry telephone number if available for their State or Territory. That number may provide the public with information about the program much quicker than the agency number. There are also programs available at the federal level that can help. The Department of Energy oversees the (WAP) Weatherization Assistance Program which can also assist with the financing of an HVAC upgrade for your home.
    6. How Do I Apply for Financing for An Air Conditioner?
      You can apply for air conditioning financing directly from your lender or bank, or you can visit us and apply with one of our financing partners as shown above.
    7. What Information Do I Need to Apply For Air Conditioning Financing?
      Each lender is different in their exact criteria. You can speak with your bank to find out what they need to process an application for you or you can check our above financing partners’ websites for a list of what sort of information they need from you to process a financing application.
    8. Why Should You Finance Your Air Conditioner?
      You can’t always control when you will need to do an upgrade or replacement of your air conditioning system. If you have a breakdown you may need to get your A/C replacement done quickly and may not have access to the funds necessary to cover the cost of the air conditioning unit. Looking into financing options could be to your advantage. Many lenders offer quick funding, low to no interest options, and have no or few fees for improvement loans. Check out our financing partners above for more information.

Common Furnace Financing Questions

Not only is an air conditioner a major purchase for your home, so is buying a new furnace. Over time, the wear and tear on a furnace will eventually lead to it needing to be replaced. Hopefully, this comes at a time when you are prepared, but occasionally a furnace will break down and need replacing without warning. Being able to finance the cost of your furnace replacement is very helpful in those moments when unexpected costs occur. Many of the questions answered above about air conditioning financing also apply to furnace purchases such as the information about our lending partners here at Day & Night, or whether borrowing to pay for your furnace is a good idea. Below we’ve outlined some more of the most common questions we get asked when people are looking into financing a new furnace for their home.

What Credit Score is Needed to Finance a Furnace?

Similar to air conditioning financing, people looking to finance their furnace purchase need to have a good to average credit score, typically above 650, when it comes to setting up financing for a new furnace system. That is not to say that it is impossible to get financing for a furnace with a bad or lower credit score. Here at Day & Night, we work with a number of different financing partners that have different qualifications per situation, and one of our lenders has a second-chance program. See the links above for more specific information on the credit criteria of our lending partners for financing your furnace. 

Do People Finance Furnaces?

We get asked often ‘Is it common for people to finance their new furnace or to pay up front?’ The average cost to install a new furnace in your home can be between $2,000 and $8,000. This is a significant cost so many homeowners choose to finance their new furnace for their home rather than paying cash up front. Not sure where to start with financing? Here’s how Day & Night can help. Like any good HVAC company, we are partnered with a number of reputable lenders who will help set up the financing for your new furnace offering competitive rates and payment plans. 

Do You Need A Furnace in Phoenix?

Arizona is known for its hot dry weather which may leave some people wondering if you even need a furnace when you live in Phoenix. Although we are situated in a hot climate, the nights can get quite cool and there are times when a cold front can move in making it downright chilly. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the cold which is why we recommend installing an energy efficient furnace, or in some cases, a heat pump in your Phoenix home.