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Air Conditioner Repair Phoenix, AZ

If there’s one thing you don’t want to happen in Arizona, it’s having your AC break down. Air-conditioning is essential for staying happy during the day and at night. When it’s hot outside, an air conditioner keeps your family cool, which reduces your stress level significantly. If something goes wrong with the unit, you don’t need to suffer through the sweltering heat. Instead, call Day & Night Air, Arizona’s AC repair experts.

Highly Skilled AC Repair Experts in Phoenix

Our team has extensive experience with all parts of air-conditioning systems, and we handle unit installation, maintenance, and repairs. While we recommend Trane HVAC units for maximum cooling, we’re experts at repairing all makes and models. With our professional repair services, you can kick back and relax while we take care of repairs quickly and correctly. Here are a few types of common AC issues that we can diagnose and fix:

  • Low refrigerant or refrigerant leaks
  • Condenser coil issues
  • Evaporator coil problems
  • Malfunctioning fans
  • Thermostat issues
  • Electrical and wiring problems
  • Leaking ducts
  • Indoor air quality problems

We perform an in-depth inspection to discover the source of the problem. Our repair technicians carry all the tools needed for fixes, and we also stock a large variety of replacement parts in our service trucks. In most cases, we can fix issues on the first visit, restoring your home’s cooling ASAP.

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Service

If your air-conditioning system stops working, the last thing you want is to have to wait a week or more for repairs. At Day & Night Air, we understand how urgent AC repair is. When something goes wrong with your AC, contact us immediately! Our team is ready to help, and we can usually resolve the problem the same day.

Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

You don’t have to wait for the AC to fail completely before scheduling an appointment for repair services. In fact, it’s better for your air conditioner if you call us as soon as you suspect an issue. Here are a few warning signs to look for:

  • Strange noises or burning smells
  • Energy costs that keep going up every month
  • Unstable cooling in different areas of the house
  • Major difficulty reaching the target temperature on hot days
  • Constant starting and stopping of the system
  • Coolant leaks near the unit
  • Non-stop operation

Always call our pros when you see any of these warning signs. A checkup doesn’t take long, and it can prevent small problems from turning into major fixes. For example, we can take care of thermostat problems before they permanently damage the unit’s compressor.

The Benefits of Calling Trusted Professionals for AC Repair

Contacting certified AC repair experts is the smartest decision you can make when problems appear. Our decades of experience mean that we know exactly where to look. Our certified technicians understand the ins and outs of different kinds of units, as well as the best way to fix them.

Another benefit of working with air conditioner repair experts is that it extends the life of your HVAC system. When fans, refrigerants, and coils work at maximum levels, the entire system works better and stays in optimal shape. All of this saves you time and money.

Why Choose Day & Night Air for Air Conditioning Repair?

When you call Day & Night Air, you get both speed and quality. We do more than work fast; we also get the job done the first time correctly. Our team doesn’t just put a band-aid over deeper issues; we really fix the underlying cause of AC problems. Our goal is to keep your air conditioner healthy for many years. To schedule an appointment or learn more, call Arizona’s AC repair professionals right away!

What Customers Are Saying

“The team was extremely thorough, found the problem pretty quickly , and told me all the options for repair and preventive maintenance. I was extremely grateful for their prompt service and the professional manner with which they did the job. They have a forever client in me from now on!” - Jeff K.

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