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Water Heater Repair

Having hot water problems? Your water heater plays a major role in serving your home with plenty of hot water. If you are noticing that your water is no longer getting hot, or you’ve discovered a leak near your water heater, it’s time to call in Day & Night Air to handle your water heater repairs. We are a leader in water heater services in Phoenix, helping homeowners save time and money by fixing their water heaters before they need to be replaced.

A water heater sounds simple enough, until you consider that water and, say, electricity do not mix well together. Or you realize that water will not douse a gas fire, and some water heaters are gas-fired. When you begin to consider all the parts of a water heater, you realize your Phoenix home’s system may need water heater repair at any time, day or night. Which is why Day & Night Air is standing by all the time with water heater repair services.

How Your Water Heater Serves Your House

Many people take their water heaters for granted. Unfortunately, when the water heater goes out, you’ll find that every aspect of your life becomes more difficult. Not only can you not take hot showers, you will also struggle to get dishes done and even cook properly. This is why you don’t want to wait if you notice a problem.

What Can Go Wrong?

A conventional tank water heater takes a substance with just about the highest heat capacity in existence — water — and attempts not only to heat it, but store the hot water for your use. Energy to pump heat into the water can come from gas or electricity. The heater needs insulation to keep the hot water hot. A lot can go wrong with a tank water heater. This is why Day & Night Air dispatches trained technicians with well-equipped trucks to offer quick, high-quality service with every call. Our technical expertise and broad product knowledge mean our technicians will not waste your time on needless calls to the office or multiple trips to find the right part. Other types of water heaters can require repair, too:

  • Hybrid water heaters, bringing heat pump technology to heating water efficiently and quickly;
  • Tankless water heaters, which require no tank and heat water instantly.

The experts at Day & Night Air are trained and equipped to handle just about any brand, and any type, of water heater.

When to Call for a Repair

Typically your water heater will start acting unpredictable long before it burns out. The very first sign of trouble is the best time to call a qualified repairman. You may notice that your water simply isn’t getting hot enough. In addition, if you see signs of rust around the base of your water heater, you definitely want to make the call. If water starts leaking from the bottom or from the upper fixtures, you should also call for plumbing repairs in Phoenix. As always, it is best to call for a repair before your water heater bursts or floods your home. A typical water heater can have a long, healthy life when properly cared for, and there are plenty of cost-effective repairs that can be done before you experience a complete failure of the system.

What’s Included in a Repair with Day & Night Air

If you’ve discovered a problem with your water heater, call Day & Night Air. You should feel confident that your water heater will be made right in no time. We will work with you to diagnose any problems with your system and identify any signs of leaking. In addition, we will check all elements to ensure that your water heater is functioning properly and that there is no pressure or sediment building up inside which could damage your system over time. While we are there, we can help you maximize the efficiency of your system by insulating your water heater against heat loss as well. The whole process includes the inspection, testing, and cleanup, as well as disposing of old parts that have worn out.

Not Worth Fixing?

If our trained representatives realize your current equipment would be too expensive to repair, we can recommend quality replacements:

  • RUUD conventional water heaters
  • Navien tankless water heaters

Or, if your home is already blessed with these superior brands and the Arizona climate catches up with them, our technicians can make them whole again.

About Our Climate

It is said that Phoenix residents like their mattresses soft and their water hard. Well, we may not like it, exactly, but our water is notoriously hard; that can shorten the lifespan of any tank water heater. It can also play havoc with tankless systems as deposits build up inside pipes. Arizona’s heat does not help much, either. The hot summers take a toll on mechanical systems. Ironic as it may sound, a hot water heater can get, well, too hot. The dry air surrounding a water heater is also tough on soft, flexible parts like gaskets. Day & Night Air is accustomed to dealing with effects of Phoenix’s weather and climate. We can spot trouble in a water heater and fix it, fast. When your water heater requires repair, please contact us right away.

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