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Your Phoenix home’s water heater is supposed to quietly serve you with piping hot water any time, day or night. Because of the high mineral content of groundwater in the Phoenix area, you are likely to hear the water heater pop. Ignoring the pop will only make the matter worse. Your water heater may or may not be broken when you hear the popping sound, but without care, you will definitely have a broken water heater on your hands.


Why The Pops and Knocks?

With high mineral content such as you find in Phoenix’s water, sediment builds up in scaly layers inside your hot water heater. You awaken in the night and wonder, “Why does my hot water heater make a knocking sound?” Little steam bubbles are percolating up from between the layers of scale, or sediment. These are popping as they rise from the bottom (the hotter spot) to the top.

So, now you know the reason the water heater pops, but now you wake in the night to wonder, “How do I know if my water heater is broken?” The popping is not a sign of a broken water heater, but it is a sign you need service. Your popping, knocking hot water heater needs to be flushed to remove as much sediment as possible.


Water Heater Service

Day & Night Air can readily and expertly repair your water heater, removing as much scale and sediment as possible. On the other hand, our trusted technicians can also tell the difference between the need for service and the time for hot water heater replacement.

After a decade of service dealing with the hard water of Phoenix, your home’s water heater may have weakened walls, risking a leak. In this case, your Day & Night Air technician may recommend new hot water heater installation.


Install New or Service Old?

The choice will be yours, but many times keeping an old, scale-encrusted water heater in service robs you in several ways:

  • Energy inefficiency means high energy bills
  • Heavy scale reduces the water heater’s ability to produce truly hot water
  • You run your hot water longer to get warmer water, wasting water and energy

The best way to know for sure what is wrong with your hot water heater is to call upon the professional services of Day & Night Air. Our trained technicians can identify the source of the popping sound in your hot water heater, assess the extent of the issue, and recommend repair or replacement. Contact Day & Night Air today to schedule an appointment.


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