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Day & Night Air has a team of qualified professional plumbing technicians ready to take on any plumbing job, regardless of size or complexity. We are a full-service emergency plumber in Phoenix Arizona. We cover faucets, sinks, disposals, toilets, tubs, and shower repairs. We also offer water heater installation, drain and pipe repair, water conditioning, and plumbing inspections.

We not only service existing plumbing and related fixtures, but we also install entirely new systems, consulting with you on the perfect solutions for your unique circumstances. When you need a plumber in Phoenix, we are prepared to do the absolute highest quality work each time. We are always striving to improve our expertise and abilities for the benefit of our customers, giving you the most up-to-date recommendations and optimal technology available in the industry.

New Plumbing Installations

If you’re looking to install any new plumbing fixtures, Day & Night Air is ready to assist you with the project, making sure everything is up to code and functioning optimally. We perform a number of installation tasks, both large and small.

● Water heaters
● Bathroom and kitchen fixtures
● Plumbing systems
● Filtration systems
● Water-using appliances
● Tankless water heaters

We will be there every step of the way to make sure any new installations in your home work properly, filling the needs of your household. We’ll also be sure to answer any questions you have about regular upkeep for your new items and accompanying plumbing.

Plumbing Maintenance

Ensuring your existing plumbing systems and fixtures are properly cared for and in optimal working order is a crucial part of home upkeep, but it is often overlooked. Plumbing issues, no matter how minor, can quickly become a much larger crisis that affects the entire inner workings of a house. Being preemptive goes a long way toward the well-being of the structural integrity of your residence, as well as your peace of mind.

At Day & Night Air, we offer annual maintenance plumbing services that catch smaller concerns before they become big problems. You can save money in the long run by regularly having all aspects of your home’s plumbing inspected and preventatively maintained with a few routine checks.

● Water pressure testing, including stress on fixtures. Low pressure affects usage while high pressure can result in breaks, leaks, and water damage.
● Water quality analysis for hard water typical of Arizona and the accompanying buildup that may occur. Sediment can impact the effectiveness and longevity of water-using appliances.
● Water leak examination, including piping connections. Appliances, fixtures, and toilets can all also be culprits of escaping or running water.
● Water heater inspection for proper functionality. Sometimes it is necessary to wash buildup from the system, and it’s imperative that all plumbing and electrical connections are working appropriately.

Plumbing Repair 

Whether you’ve forgone the needed maintenance, or an unforeseeable crisis strikes, at some point, you will find yourself in need of a plumber. Luckily, Day & Night Air is here for you! Our technicians are trained to cover everything from routine fixes to urgent plumbing repairs. Water problems can stem from numerous sources, usually falling into one of two types of malfunctions.

1. Water not draining when it should

2. Water coming out when it shouldn’t

Don’t shy away from calling us regardless of the size of your plumbing mishap. Our team is ready to step in and take care of the situation thoroughly and effectively, so you don’t have to worry about the details and can be confident the issue is resolved. See our plumbing repair page for more information on the full range of plumbing repair services we provide.

Water Heater Installation in Phoenix

There are a lot of aspects to think about when choosing and installing a new water heater, and our team at Day & Night Air actively keep up with the latest advances in technology to best assist you in the proper installation of a system that perfectly fits your needs. The cost of the unit, as well as the installation, is considered alongside the unique requirements of the Arizona heat and hard water typical of the Phoenix area.

When contemplating a standard tank water heater versus a tankless system, we recommend the former to fit the needs of larger families and the environmental climate of our community. We’ll work with you to choose a unit with the capacity and output you prefer for your daily use. We install and regularly maintenance most brands, including all four types of standard heaters.

● Tankless systems - very efficient and provide endless hot water supply
● Electric systems - more straightforward to install but pricier in use
● Gas systems - more challenging to install and maintain, but cost-effective
● Hybrid systems - efficiently utilizing both electric water heater and heat pump mechanics

Consultants and technicians will walk you through each step of the selection and installation process, so you can rest easy knowing you chose the best option for your home, having it put in place by professionals with the experience and know-how to get the job done right.

Water Treatment and Water Filtration Services

Not only can we test your water quality, but we also offer treatment solutions. We understand that the dessert is not conducive to optimal tap water conditions, but we can provide you with systems that soften and purify the water you use in your home. No matter what concerns you have about your water, we are ready to address them.

1. Hard water: The minerals present in the desert soil affect the local water supply, causing a buildup of sediments that have to be broken down to soften the water. We implement filtration to tackle hard water issues.

2. Contaminated water: Various chemicals and other contaminating substances find their way into the water system, causing foul tastes and acidic water. We test the water to discover the source of the problem and put policies in place to filter out the culprit.

3. Dry water: Sometimes the same minerals and chemicals that cause issues with taste or softness of water can prevent it from rinsing appropriately. This phenomenon means the water isn’t wet enough to do its job when cleaning and washing. Filtering the obstructive contents can correct this functional defect.

Often, one filtration solution can correct various matters concerning water quality. Whether you need testing or already know you want to get started on installation, our professionals can assist you with getting the best out of your water every day.

Expertly Trained Plumbers in Phoenix, AZ

Our at Day & Night is trained in advanced plumbing techniques and skills. This allows us to provide quality plumbing services or plumbing repairs. Despite being in this industry for 33 years, we still participate in weekly training sessions. This allows us to be up to date on all of the latest plumbing news that can help provide a cost-effective solution.

Always Professional Workmanship

When you are ready to embark on your next plumbing project, need routine maintenance, or experience a plumbing-related emergency, don’t hesitate to call Day & Night Air from the start.

You can contact us directly at 602-900-9415 to discuss your needs and concerns, so our team can begin helping you as soon as possible. Highly qualified in our field, our technicians will quickly and effectively solve your plumbing problems and take on your installations, so you never have to worry about the particulars.

We accomplish the work, and you rest easy knowing everything is taken care of as it should be. We are proud to serve the Phoenix community to the fullest, leaving content customers and efficient plumbing solutions everywhere we are called to help.