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Garbage Disposal Repair in Phoenix

Most homes have garbage disposals. They provide convenience in modern homes when you take the right precautions, but they can turn into a big problem if you don’t. At Day & Night Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we are the answer when you wonder who fixes garbage disposals in Phoenix and The Valley. Our loyal customers trust us to repair their garbage disposal quickly and efficiently when things go wrong.

When Do you Need a Garbage Disposal Repair?

There are several reasons your disposal may not be working correctly. It may have incurred damage due to non-food items like silverware, rags, straws, sponges, or broken glass that fall into the disposal. Clogs may occur when the wrong types of food items are put into the disposal, like grease, fat, bones, or highly fibrous vegetables.
Symptoms of a malfunctioning garbage disposal:

    • Disposal Won’t Turn On
    • Disposal turns with a humming sound but doesn’t function
    • Leaks
    • Slow Drainage

How to Prevent Damage to Your Garbage Disposal

There are some basic steps you can take to keep your garbage disposal running efficiently. The Do’s include:

    • Run cold water - Start with a full stream of water before turning on the disposal until at least 30 seconds after the grinding stops. Cold water helps keep your disposal’s motor cool and keeps small amounts of fats in solid form, so they don’t clog your drain.
    • Put only soft food items into your garbage disposal- Bones or tough, hard, burned food can damage the blades or motor. 
    • Check for leaks - There are several working parts in and around your disposal that can cause leaks, such as gaskets, flanges, and plumbing connections.

Even more critical than the items on the Do list are the ones on the Don’t list, including:

    • Never put your hand in the garbage disposal - Even if the power is off, the sharp blades can cause serious injuries.
      Never pour bleach or other chemicals in the sink - Harsh chemicals like bleach or toilet cleaner can damage seals and potentially can splash and cause burns when you turn on the disposal. Simply use baking soda and vinegar or citrus peels to keep it clean and fresh.
    • Never leave dish rags or sponges where they can fall into the sink - If these or other items fall into the sink and get washed into the drain, they can cause damage to your disposal. 
    • Never overfill your garbage disposal - Give your disposer room to work. Overfilling causes too much pressure on the system and can potentially damage the motor.
    • Never turn off your garbage disposal until grinding is completed - Remember your Do list and run the water until 30 seconds after the grinding has stopped.
    • Never put coffee grounds, eggshells, pasta, grease, potato peels, pineapple, celery, or corn husks into your disposal - Your garbage disposal isn’t a replacement for your compost pile or trash can. Anything other than soft foods can clog drains, damage blades, or cause undue wear on the motor.

Garbage Disposal Installation in Phoenix

No matter how careful you are, the age of your disposal or accidents can lead to the need to replace your garbage disposal. Day & Night Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing can install your new garbage disposal when we can’t save your old one. Our talented team of highly experienced plumbers in Phoenix have the knowledge and expertise to install almost any make or model of garbage disposal. Your plumber will make sure it complies with current codes and install any necessary wiring and a new GFCI outlet. We won’t be satisfied until you are, so we take the time to test your new garbage disposal for leak-free functionality.

The installation cost can vary, depending on whether we are replacing a unit on an existing sink or a new installation. The brand and type of garbage disposal and whether we have to run new plumbing may also affect the installation cost. Our team is committed to providing the most transparent, honest estimates for your work so that you understand what is involved prior to beginning the installation.

Call Day & Night for Your Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Needs

When you work with Day & Night Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, you know you are getting the best products, service, and prices available. We value the relationships with our friends and neighbors in Phoenix and The Valley. 

Our courteous, experienced plumbers and drain experts understand that your time is valuable, so we do everything we can to quickly take care of your repair or installation with the highest level of quality and outstanding customer service. Contact us today for questions or to schedule your garbage disposal repair or installation appointment.


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