Standard Water Heater Installation in Phoenix AZ

Standard Water Heater Installation

You would think something as “simple” as a water heater would be an easy selection and installation. With today’s technology, water heaters have evolved. At Day & Night Air, we constantly review new developments and provide the public with the most up-to-date advice on standard Phoenix water heater installation.

Standard vs. Tankless

Your first decision with a new water heater installation is to decide between a standard tank or tankless water heater system. A standard water heater provides plenty of hot water for showers, clothes washing and dishes. Tankless systems heat water on demand. Most Arizona homeowners opt for standard, tanked hot water heaters because of four issues:

  • Purchase price
  • Installation cost
  • Hot water demand
  • Phoenix’s hard water

Tankless systems are great for single people or small families with a lot of extra money; they usually cannot keep up with the high demands of a full house or the hard water Phoenix has. Phoenicians, though they love their sun, also enjoy the relaxing comfort of a long shower to counter the dry heat.

Heating Element

Your next decision in selecting a standard tank water heater is the fuel. You have four options:

  • Gas: Using either piped natural gas or tanked liquid propane, a gas-fueled water heater can produce hot water quickly. Gas requires expert installation and service by highly trained professionals.
  • Solar: With Phoenix’s abundant sunshine, solar water heaters are possible and energy efficient. You can opt for a passive or active system, but consider a backup.
  • Electric: An electric water heater installation is easier than gas installation but costs more than gas to operate.
  • Hybrid electric: Combining heat pump and water heater technology for great efficiency and high hot water delivery rates.

RUUD Water Heaters

Day & Night Air installs and maintains RUUD water heaters, consistently ranked high in customer satisfaction and reliability. RUUD, an industry leader in all areas of HVAC, has been a trusted brand since 1897, so they have mastered the process of turning cold water into luxurious warm water. They carry on the skill in many forms, from gas to electric to hybrid models.

Water Heater Installation in Phoenix

Once you determine you want a standard water heater and have selected the fuel source, you also must determine the tank capacity. Another consideration is the “First Hour Rating”(FHR), which tells you how much water the tank can provide in its first hour of supply. By working with the trained consultants and professional installers at Day & Night Air, you can select the ideal RUUD water heater for your needs and get it expertly installed. Contact Day & Night Air today with your questions about RUUD water heaters, choices of fuel and the benefits for Phoenix residents of standard tanks over tankless systems.