Tempe HVAC Repair & Tempe Plumbing

Tempe HVAC Repair

Tempe Town Lake

Tempe is a beautiful city with an abundance of walkable cafes, beautiful sights, and culture around every corner. It’s also home to one of the best HVAC and plumbing companies in the state. With Day & Night around, you won’t have to worry about the sweltering Arizona heat or common plumbing issues. We guarantee you can enjoy a cool, comfortable home and a plumbing system that functions seamlessly.

Tempe Plumbing

Our team of plumbers in Tempe can handle a range of plumbing issues, including clogged drains, running toilets, and garbage disposal issues. If you can name it, we can fix it. Whether you need emergency plumbing services or routine maintenance, Day & Night will be there to assist. Enjoy exclusive savings when you check out our plumbing specials.

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Drain Cleaning

Many objects can cause a blockage in your drain, including baby wipes, paper toils, feminine hygiene products, and even toys. All of your drains are susceptible to clogs,  including:

  • Sink drains
  • Floor drains
  • Kitchen drains
  • Sewer drains

If you notice any signs of a clogged drain, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dependable team at Day & Night. We use cutting-edge tools and technology, along with our vast knowledge of plumbing systems, to take care of your drain cleaning needs efficiently. 

Water Heater Repairs

With any water heater checkup, we’ll assess your unit for water leaks and corrosion. The wiring and plumbing connections will be examined to ensure they’re secure and functioning correctly. With our tune-ups, we will also test the major components of your water heater to guarantee they’re operating properly.

If any issues arise, our team will determine whether your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced—which depends on the severity of the problem. 

Water Treatments

Choose the water that’s best for you and your family. Despite the help of water treatments, city filtration systems can still retain harmful heavy metals.  At Day & Night, we offer Tempe residents two effective water treatment options: reverse osmosis and water softeners. Both of these treatments will keep your water clean and safe to consume. 

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Tempe HVAC Repair

AC Installation

In Tempe, a functioning air conditioning system is essential to beat the intensely hot temperatures—especially in the summer. Trust Day & Night to deliver a high-quality air conditioning system with quick and efficient installation. 

We provide: 

  • Single and multi-room air conditioning installation
  • Ductless air conditioning installation
  • Smart thermostat installation
  • Whole-home air conditioning installation

AC Tune-Up

At Day & Night, we offer two AC tune-ups per year when you join our VIP club. The savings are endless for members thanks to the VIP club maintenance plan. They receive:

  • $0 Service call Fee
  • 10% discount on all repairs
  • Front-of-line priority service
  • 1 free drain cleaning per year
  • 1 annual plumbing inspection
  • 2 tune-ups per year for both A/C and heating
  • $650 off a new HVAC system
  • 2-year warranty on all repairs
  • VIP thermostat guarantee

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Furnace Installation

Despite the hot Arizona climate, winter temperatures can dip as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit, making a functioning heating system a must for the comfort and safety of your household. The Day & Night team provides reliable furnace installations that guarantee you won’t be worrying about the cold in the winter. 

Furnace Repairs

Like any other appliance, furnaces experience gradual wear and tear. Whether your system is experiencing a small issue with the pilot light or a more severe problem, our team will perform the repairs required to restore its function. Keep your home warm and comfortable, even on the chilliest nights. Reach out to us for emergency furnace repairs in Tempe. 

Heat Pump

Opting for a heat pump is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to heating your home. When you schedule a service with Day & Night, you can rest easy knowing our team is ready to handle the repair, maintenance, or installation of your home’s heat pump. 

Trust Day & Night With All of Your HVAC & Plumbing Needs

Whether it’s emergency services or routine maintenance calls, Day & Night has you covered. Book a service with the premier HVAC & Plumbing company in Tempe, and you’ll never have to worry about going without the help you need. We’ll take care of all your HVAC and plumbing needs in no time so you can get back to a comfortable home.


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