Repipe Specialists Phoenix, AZ
Repipe Specialists Phoenix, AZ

Repipe Specialists in Phoenix, AZ

At Day & Night Air, we are proud to be your trusted source of service for proactive air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services. We are available for your emergency needs, as well. Our goal is to always provide the highest level of expertise and customer service for our Phoenix-area residents and our highly skilled HVAC and plumbing technicians are the keys. All of our plumbing and drain specialists participate in continuing education to stay up to date on the latest technologies and techniques so that you get the best possible results. 
As repipe specialists, our customers often ask if they need to completely replace the piping in older homes. Though each situation may be different, a few considerations may indicate it is time for repiping the house. 

How Old Is Your Phoenix Home?

The older your home, the more likely it will need new plumbing. Houses built before the 1986 Safe Drinking Water Act may have been plumbed with materials no longer used, such as lead or galvanized steel. 

If the house was built before WWII, it could have lead, cast iron, or even clay pipes. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t give their plumbing much thought until it causes too many problems to ignore. If you have an older house, call us to have your pipes examined to make sure that they comply with safety standards. 

How Often Do You Experience Plumbing Problems?

Even if you have a home built after 1986, the frequency of your plumbing issues are a good indicator of problems. If you have experienced any of the following, you may need to have a complete inspection of your plumbing:

    • Slow drains
    • Low or no water pressure
    • Slab leaks
    • Broken or leaking pipes in the walls or under sinks
    • Water bills increasing without an increase in usage
    • The water looks rusty

Slow Drains

If your Phoenix home was built before the use of sturdy plastics for plumbing lines, your plumbing could experience cracking or crumbling that introduces debris or even tree roots into your plumbing. If anything has blocked the pipes, it will prevent your pipes from draining the water adequately. Our rooter services are essential for where tree root invasions are blocking sewer or plumbing lines and causing slow draining issues. 

Low or No Water Pressure

Since most of your plumbing is underground or behind walls, it is tough to determine the issue when you don’t have water pressure. If you are still getting water supplied to the home, one of the most likely sources of the problem is a blockage or leak. Our piping experts can perform diagnostics to locate and identify the source of the problem.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are leaks that occur underneath the slab of the home. They are usually not detected without proactive, periodic inspections until you notice the symptoms:

    • Water leaking from underneath your foundation
    • Flooding in the house coming from outside when the weather is dry
    • Warm spots on the floor
    • Running water even when the faucets are turned off

If you have had a previous slab leak or your close neighbors have experienced one, you are at a higher risk of having a slab leak. Our team can perform the diagnostics to help you stop a slab leak before it causes thousands of dollars in damage.

Broken or Leaking Pipes

If you have your plumber on speed dial from all the leaks you’ve experienced, you already know you have a systemic problem. If you experience flooding, dripping or wet spots in the walls or ceilings, give us a call immediately as we provide plumbing emergency services in Phoenix.

Increasing Water Bills

You may not notice any problems inside the home before you notice the damage to your bank balance. When your water bills are increasing without a change in the usage, you may have undetected leaks. 

Rusty Water

Even galvanized steel can lose its coating eventually, leading to rusting and corrosion. Old iron pipes may also be the culprit. Even copper pipes can corrode when exposed to certain conditions. When your pipes have oxidized, your water will contain rust. If your water doesn’t run clear, give us a call.  

What Improvements Can We Expect from New Piping? 

When you have your Phoenix area home repiped, you may experience improvements that you hadn’t even noticed were a problem before, such as:

    • Stronger water pressure
    • Better tasting water
    • Use of several faucets simultaneously
    • No more leaks
    • Improved drainage
    • Consistent water temperature
    • Attractive selling feature
    • Peace of mind

Call Us For Your Plumbing or HVAC Issues

Whether you already know you need new pipes or want to be proactive, we want to be your trusted HVAC and repipe specialists. Our goal is to get your problems resolved quickly and with the least disruption to your life. Contact us today. When you need us, we’ll be there for you, Day & Night. 

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What Customers Are Saying

“Outstanding service from Day and Night. Had a leak on Thanksgiving day. Called the next morning and had a Plumber on site in 2hrs. Tony was fantastic. Super nice and quick to find our leaking pipe. 5 star plus service!” - Herman E.