Day & Night's March 2019 Real Stories | Day & Night Air

Every year, around March and April, my daughter, Lily’s allergies always go haywire. There’s nothing worse than seeing your little 8-year-old sneezing and rubbing her eyes all the time. This year, I decided to do a bit more research than just blaming the outside environment. As it turns out, our home could be adding to her symptoms!

Day & Night has been our trusted AC technicians for quite a while now, so I decided to call them and get their take on this research. They’re the experts, after all! It turns out, I was correct. Ron told me they could install something called an “air scrubber”, which would clean our air and decrease the amount of pet dander, bacteria, odors, and dust that’s circulating in our home.

He came out to our home the next day and installed the air scrubber. It took him no time at all, and it wasn’t as expensive as I feared it would be. I was willing to try anything to help Lily.

It’s been a few weeks since Ron installed our air scrubber. It’s the craziest thing ever, but Lily hasn’t been sneezing and rubbing her eyes nearly as much! I’m so happy to have this relationship with Day & Night. They really care about us and provide honest work. The Difference for Lily’s allergies has been Day & Night!

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