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We all know that summers can get hot in Phoenix! It’s not uncommon to have stretches where the daytime highs exceed 110 degrees. Air conditioning is pretty much a necessity. For many, this means a noisy, window-mounted AC unit. For others with older systems, it can mean a summer of high-energy costs.

Many older homes don’t have the space to install traditional central air conditioning units, or have older systems that may not be cost-effective to operate or might not endure the stresses of our tough Arizona summers.

Fortunately, with today’s technology and a little creative installation, it’s possible to retrofit your older system or undertake a central air conditioner installation into almost any home.

Let’s explore some of your options to learn how surprisingly easy and cost-effective it can be to install a modern, energy-efficient central AC system in your home.

New Technology, New Possibilities

In the past, installing a central AC system into an older home required placing extensive ductwork into the walls to distribute treated air. This often meant losing valuable closet space or ripping open walls, increasing costs. Today, there are systems that don’t need lots of bulky ductwork.

For example, mini split systems use separate cooling units placed throughout your home, which are then connected to an external compressor and fan using thin refrigerant and power lines.

Retrofitting your home may require some cutting and patching of walls, but this new technology eliminates the needs to open large tracts of your wall space to install a new system.

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