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Keep Up with Regular Home Maintenance

Buying a home is much like buying a car. If you want it to last and maintain value, you’ve got to keep up with regular maintenance and repairs. Often, homeowners will wait until something breaks before they do anything about it. In the long run, however, this could end up costing you more money and put you in a tight spot. It might seem like you are saving by not putting any money towards regular upkeep costs, and if your home is newer you might be able to get away with this for a little while.

Eventually, though, something will need repairs, and when something like your AC breaks down in the middle of summer, it will cost you more to have it fully repaired during peak times than it would if you had it serviced regularly. To stay on top your home maintenance tasks and avoid costly, last-minute repairs, follow the maintenance checklist below:


Monthly Home Maintenance Checklists

You should start with the things in the home that need regular monthly upkeep. These are usually things in the home that get used frequently and could be hazardous or result in costly repairs if ignored.


HVAC Filters

One of the leading causes of AC and heating issues are dirty air filters. When you don’t change the HVAC filters out regularly it can result in the motor having to work harder, which can shorten its lifespan and lead to unexpected and costly repairs. Most experts will tell you that you should change the filters about 2 to 3 months. However, if you have pets or excessive dust and allergens in your home, you should replace the filters monthly. Also be sure to vacuum and dust the front of all the grills, registers, or air return vents throughout the home. The HVAC condensing unit outside of the home should also be kept clear and free of debris. Have the entire system serviced by a professional every two years.


Hood Range Filters

More commonly forgotten than the HVAC filters are hood range filters. The hood range is the large hood with a fan suspended over the stove. It is designed to suck up smoke and fumes, filtering out grease and oil that becomes airborne while cooking. Over time the hood range filter will become clogged and greasy, negatively affecting its operation. Depending on the frequency of use, these filters may only need cleaning every 3 to 4 months. However, if you use your stove stop more than average or are constantly frying and sautéing with oils, then you may need to clean it more often.


Kitchen Sink Disposal

Have you ever had a lingering smell in your kitchen that is impossible to get rid of no matter how deeply you clean? It might be your garbage disposal. Regular cleaning of the disposal will prevent and remove foul odors. It can also help keep the rest of the kitchen drains clear and working properly. To keep the disposal clean, be sure to run it after any food goes down the drain and use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda monthly to keep it fresh.


Bi-Annual Home Maintenance Tasks

Some things in the home might not need regular upkeep, but still need to be checked at least twice a year to avoid complications and unexpected issues. It can be harder to remember things that you aren’t checking monthly though, so to help, you should keep a checklist somewhere in the home, or put it on your calendar.


Vacuum Refrigerator Coils

Many homeowners forget about this task, and often never get around to it for the entire time they reside in a home or own their refrigerator. However, the fridge uses up quite a bit of the power in the home, and when the coils aren’t cleaned regularly, it can use up more energy than it needs to keep running, resulting in a higher electricity bill.


Test the Water Heater’s Pressure Relief Valve

You should drain your water heater and test the pressure relief valve twice a year to prevent mineral and corrosion buildup and to keep it running efficiently. If left unattended, the buildup can shorten the lifespan of the water heater and result in leaks.


Check the Water Softener

While water softeners typically don’t need checking that often, Phoenix is known for having especially hard water. So, you might benefit from testing it more frequently and adjusting the salt level as needed. If you are unsure how to do this, or are uncomfortable handling it yourself, you can call a professional to do it for you. Signs that your water softener might need to be checked are water spots on drinkware, buildup around pipes and faucets, feeling dry or itchy after bathing, and stiff clothes after laundering.


Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

There is a long list of additional things that homeowners should stay on top of yearly to keep their homes in tip-top shape. To stay on track and make it a bit simpler to remember, you should make a list and separate tasks by season.


Spring Tasks

  • Have your AC serviced before temperatures rise
  • Clear out the gutters
  • Inspect and repair or replace any damaged window screens
  • Have your roof inspected
  • Check plumbing drainage and supply lines for leaks or damage, and clean aerators and faucets.


Summer Tasks

  • Clean out air ducts and prep heating systems for use come fall and winter
  • Inspect and clean out any exhaust vents, including the dryer vent
  • Check and replace or repair weather stripping or sealers around windows and doors
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries if needed


Fall Tasks

  • Winterize your AC units and systems in preparation for cold winter months
  • Flush and turn off outdoor faucets, and store hoses
  • Clean out gutters again if needed
  • Have your chimney cleaned
  • Test the sump pump


Winter Tasks

  • Inspect and tighten any loose hardware around the house – i.e. handles, knobs, locks, deadbolts, hinges, etc.
  • Change rotation of ceiling fans to rotate air upwards
  • Check the caulking around in the bathrooms around showers, tubs, and sinks and repair as needed
  • Inspect washing machine hoses and replace every couple of years


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