How Soon Will My AC Unit Cool My Home?

Once summer hits, Phoenix homeowners are in a rush to get their AC units up and running. During those first few days of real heat, many homeowners want to know just how long it will take for the AC to kick in and cool the house down. The answer is that it depends on several different factors that are unique to your situation, but most homes will be noticeably cooler within three hours of turning the AC on. Here’s what you can expect:

Outside Temperature

The first thing you will need to think about is how the outside temperature will affect your AC’s ability to do its job. The hotter it is outside, the more work the AC has to do, and the longer the job will take. In addition, as the temperature becomes more extreme, your AC unit becomes less efficient, so you can’t expect perfectly linear results.

Your Thermostat

The end result will also depend on how you have your thermostat set. Turning your thermostat up even a couple of degrees can take some of the burdens off of your AC unit and help it pace itself for better cooling. In the long run, this will save you money every month. If you have your thermostat set 35° below the outdoor temperature, it will have to work way harder than if it is only trying to drop the temperature by 28°.

Also, if you are in the habit of shutting your AC off when you leave the house, you could be creating more work for the air conditioner. You should always use a programmable thermostat that can reduce cooling while you are away without letting your home overheat. The best thermostat temperature is the one that keeps you comfortable without overworking your system.

Your Home

The final factor has less to do with temperature and more to do with the general dynamics of your home. It takes longer to cool a larger home, even if you have a larger AC unit. The air conditioner must balance all of the rooms, and this takes time. Also, if your home is drafty or the duct work is in poor condition, you could be losing cold air without even realizing it. Regular air conditioning maintenance is the key to getting your home cool in less time.

Day & Night Air can help you keep your desert home comfortable throughout the summer with our Phoenix AC service. We provide maintenance and help with programming your thermostat to the ideal temperature for your family. Call us today to learn more.

Featured image: PlusONE/Shutterstock