How to Become an Air Conditioning Technician

Becoming an HVAC service technician is a great career choice that requires education, on-the-job training and EPA certification. Here at Day and Night Air, we also require and provide customer service training and demand honesty in our applicants.

Here’s a step-by-step peek at how you can enjoy a career as an HVAC specialist.

What is an HVAC Technician?

HVAC technicians install and repair HVAC systems and equipment in homes, businesses and commercial buildings like hospitals, schools and apartments. The job requires skills including reading blueprints, installing and testing new components and repairing faulty components. You’ll also ensure that refrigerants and other hazardous chemicals are handled properly, adhering to federal guidelines.

5 Ways to Become an HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians require special skills that you’ll learn through schooling and on-the-job training. These include reading blueprints and working with specialized tools like metal cutters, flow sensors and current meters. You’ll also need to know how to safely and correctly connect wiring, weld pipes, test electrical circuits, and test pipes and tubing for leaks.

There are five ways to become a certified and licensed HVAC specialist:

  1. Earn your High School Diploma:You can get started learning the trade in high school by choosing courses that are helpful to your career. Many schools today offer vocational training that can get you started on a career in HVAC.
  2. On-The-Job Training:If you have a high school diploma, you can acquire skills by assisting an experienced technician. You’ll start by performing basic jobs around the construction site, but many companies also offer online, self-directed or classroom training as you learn on the job.
  3. Earn a Certificate:Many community colleges and trade schools offer certificate or associate degrees in HVAC. Programs can take from six months to two years to complete. Some programs also provide field training through internships.
  4. Become an Apprentice:Many HVAC industry contractor associations offer apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeships generally last three to five years and combine classroom instruction with paid on-the-job training.
  5. Obtain Your License:Most states require HVAC technicians to be licensed. Requirements vary, but in general you’ll need to pass an exam and have two to five years of work experience.

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