How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home

Air Conditioner Buying Guide

When temperatures rise, and you need a new air conditioning system, it might seem simple to just run out and buy whatever looks best at the store. Doing so might be a quick fix for your summer heat woes in Phoenix, Arizona, but you could end up wasting money. There are several factors homeowners should consider when buying a new AC system to get the right fit for their home. At Day & Night, we offer a Complimentary in-home replacement quote for your AC Unit.

Tips for Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home

There are four main types of air conditioning units and systems and it takes careful planning to determine which one is the right fit for you and your home. Each system has its pros and cons depending on the features, efficiency, and budget needed for your individual situation.

1. Consider Your Budget

The first thing you will need to do before looking into your options is to determine a budget or spending limit. The price of air conditioners can vary greatly depending on the type of system and the features offered. Overall, paying for AC is often one of the most expensive things homeowners pay for, so you want to make sure you are thoroughly considering your options. If you are going to be paying a fair amount of money, you might as well make sure you are choosing the option that best suits your needs. If you are in need of a new HVAC unit, the good news is that Day & Night Air offers several options for you to finance your HVAC Unit.

2. Consider Your Space and Physical Restrictions

Is your home large, small, or average? Will you be putting an individual unit in one room, or will you buy multiple units to spread throughout the home? Or, perhaps you are looking to have central air installed. These are all things to consider before you purchase an air conditioner. You should also keep in mind how much sun the house or rooms in question get, and how many people occupy the home.

If you have a shaded house or room, then you might not need a powerful system. If the room or home gets a lot of sun and gets very warm, you will likely need to spend more money to ensure the room or home cools properly. If you have a lot of people occupying the house, or if it is a room that sees a lot of traffic, then you might also need to consider a more powerful system.

If you choose an air conditioner that is not powerful enough, it could end up running constantly in an effort to cool the room to your desired temperature. For example, a small unit in a large room, a sunny room, or a room full of people, is going to struggle to cool things off. On the flip side, a large powerful unit in a small room will likely result in that room getting cold, while the rest of the home stays warm. It’s all about finding the right balance.

Structural Restrictions

Additionally, you will need to consider the legal or physical restrictions of your home. Some residential communities or apartment complexes will have zoning restrictions or rules against window units. Wall units and split systems might also be forbidden because it means making structural changes to the residence.

For these cases, your only option might be to get a portable unit. If you own your home and are considering central air, you will need to check that it is structurally sound first. Some older homes were not built to accommodate the ductwork required for central air systems.

Other Factors to Consider

Once your budget and physical limitations have been determined, there are a few other factors you may want to consider:

  • Energy conservation: If you are trying to be environmentally conscious and watch your energy output, you will want to keep this in mind when buying an AC system.
  • Noise: If having a quiet relaxing home is crucial for your comfort, then you will want to keep the decibel level of the air conditioning system you choose in mind.

Different Types of Air Conditioning Units and Systems

Now that you have considered your budget, space, and other desired features, let’s look at the types of AC options available.

Window Air Conditioners

  • Cost: Low. Depending on the size of the unit and the capacity, they can range from $150 to $600.
  • Space: These units are designed to fit in the window, so they don’t take up any floor space. Good for apartments or standard-sized rooms.
  • Noise: Some noise, but usually tolerable.
  • Energy Efficiency: Great. Can cost as little as $20 a month on your electric bill.
  • Installation: Relatively easy and can be removed and taken with you.

Portable Air Conditioners

  • Cost: Mid-range. They can cost anywhere from $300 to $700.
  • Space: While not extremely large, these units do take up floor space. Also, while they are good for moving from room to room if needed, they can weigh up to 80 lbs.
  • Noise: High. Portable AC units are the noisiest option.
  • Energy Efficiency: Poor. These units don’t tend to be as efficient at cooling as other AC options.
  • Installation: Very easy. Just plug it in and go.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

  • Cost: High. Mini-Splits typically cost around $5000.
  • Space: Minimal. They are installed into the wall, but usually up high and out of the way. Great for homes that can’t support ductwork.
  • Noise: Low. Mini-splits are typically quieter than window units.
  • Energy Efficiency: Good. While more costly to run than a window unit, they tend to be efficient at cooling rooms and homes.
  • Installation: Mini-splits require professional installation.

Central Air Conditioning

  • Cost: Very high. $3000 and up depending on the size of the home.
  • Space: Minimal. The ductwork for central AC is usually hidden in the walls and ceilings. However, older homes might not have the structure needed to support ductwork.
  • Noise: Very quiet. Most homeowners hardly notice when the AC is on.
  • Energy Efficiency: Depends on how you look at it. It will cost more to run central air in a home. However, it will cool the home off more efficiently, meaning you won’t have to run the AC as often.
  • Installation: Requires professional installation.

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