HVAC Quotes: Benefits of Getting an HVAC Inspection in Phoenix, AZ

Getting a regular HVAC inspection is important for air-conditioning systems. In the Arizona desert, having a professional check vital parts of a unit ensures everything is working smoothly.

Preventative maintenance means inspecting important system components and making any necessary adjustments to improve output. Calling certified professionals to take care of regular maintenance is always a great decision because they have the expertise needed to detect and correct problems.

Some homeowners may get nervous thinking about HVAC inspections because they’re not sure how much everything will cost. When you’re working with trustworthy HVAC professionals, however, you can find out what to expect ahead of time. Excellent HVAC companies offer clear quotes, or estimates, that tell you how much you need to budget for maintenance or repairs.


What Are The Benefits of Getting an HVAC Inspection

Why are HVAC inspections and preventative maintenance so important? For one thing, they keep the system running smoothly. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of an Arizona heat wave without your AC. Regular checkups of your HVAC unit let technicians handle problems right away — usually during the same visit. That way your family stays cool and comfortable all year round.

In addition to reliable system operation, there are a number of other benefits to scheduling regular HVAC inspections:

  • Longer system life: HVAC parts that are working correctly last longer. Malfunctioning components can cause unnecessary stress on other parts, making them run harder to deliver the same output. Our technicians make sure everything functions at peak efficiency so parts don’t have to deal with excessive wear and tear.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Another benefit of fine-tuning HVAC units for peak performance is that it cuts down on your monthly energy bill. When an air-conditioner doesn’t have to run constantly to reach your target temperature, it consumes a lot less electricity. Of course, the first step for maximum energy savings is letting us help you choose an efficient system.
  • Excellent air quality: A big perk of having a whole-home central air-conditioning system is high-quality air filtration. People with allergies love being able to breathe comfortably and sleep soundly. These amazing results are possible thanks to HEPA filters that remove fine contaminants from incoming ventilation. To keep the system working correctly, it’s important to clean or replace HEPA filters on a regular basis.
  • Significant cost savings: Preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money with your HVAC unit. For example, taking good care of smaller electrical components can prevent having to replace a costly condenser. It’s always cheaper to handle minor issues during an inspection than to perform extensive repairs later on.
  • Fewer repairs: Small problems have a snowballing effect on an HVAC unit. By noticing potential issues ahead of time, technicians can prevent tiny issues from turning into huge disasters. In fact, with regular inspections and maintenance, you may not need to worry about large repairs at all. For example, detecting and fixing damaged wiring can prevent sparks that would otherwise damage sensitive components.

Think of periodic AC inspections like changing the oil in your car. It’s always a good idea to make sure systems are working smoothly, in addition to finding and fixing problems ASAP. Most manufacturers recommend preventative maintenance once or twice a year.

Because of Arizona’s hot climate, six months is the perfect amount of time to give your AC some TLC. For AC inspections, it is best to have it checked in the fall or winter so then when it starts to warm up, you know your AC will be working great. The same can be said for your heating system; have it checked in the summer months so that when the weather cools down, you will be in the clear.


What Do HVAC Quotes for Preventative Maintenance Usually Include

At Day & Night Air, the most important thing is always your comfort and satisfaction. Making sure our customers are happy is a big deal to us. That’s why we take the time to understand your heating and cooling goals. We can make recommendations for the right system for your home or business, even taking care of multi-room installation and other needs. We take the same approach with our personalized HVAC maintenance quotes.

Getting a custom estimate can be very helpful in avoiding any surprises with your air-conditioning system. HVAC quotes for preventative maintenance should also include a lot of information, such as what the AC inspection includes, the length of the repair guarantee, the number of visits provided annually, the hourly cost of unexpected repairs and whether any repair discounts are offered.

Trustworthy HVAC companies usually provide this information in maintenance contracts with their customers. These contracts spell out everything in clear terms so clients can enjoy worry-free inspections. Instead of paying a lump sum, an HVAC contract lets homeowners and business owners make comfortable monthly payments that are easier to budget.


HVAC Inspections for New Homeowners

If you’re planning on buying a new house, don’t forget to contact AC professionals for a system evaluation first. Many buyers contact a general contractor to perform a detailed inspection of homes, but these don’t usually focus on heating or air conditioning. To check ducts, air-conditioning units, furnaces, heat pumps and other components, it’s important to call an HVAC expert. That way you make sure everything is just right when you move in.

This can be an excellent time to upgrade old air-conditioners to modern energy-efficient units. You can even create different climate zones throughout the house if you want extra control overheating and cooling. As always, this type of HVAC quote should include everything in writing, from system pricing and warranty information to installation costs and start dates.


How the HVAC Inspection Process Works

The first thing you should know about our inspections is that we treat your home with respect. Our technicians go above and beyond to keep the inside and outside of your home clean while performing maintenance. We also stick to our appointments, so you know exactly when to expect us.

Once our team arrives, we begin by performing an in-depth examination of the system. This includes checking electrical components and connections, looking at the condition of equipment, measuring refrigerant levels, checking for leaks. We give the HVAC system a complete visual inspection.

The next step is testing major parts of the unit, such as its wiring, condenser and thermostat. This enables us to make sure the system is cycling correctly to reach target temperatures. We can take care of system calibration for excellent performance.

Many AC inspections include a detailed cleaning of essential components such as the condenser and evaporator coils. Our team may flush the condensate drain system and replace HEPA filters if needed as well. Finally, lubrication keeps system parts working smoothly. This exceptional maintenance is like treating your HVAC system to a day at a spa. Fully rejuvenated and refreshed, it’s ready to deliver amazing cooling during Arizona’s hottest days and its coldest nights.


Helpful Tips for Getting Accurate Quotes for Your HVAC Needs

To protect your interests and make sure you get the most bang for your buck, follow these pro tips for HVAC quotes:

  • Request a visit: It’s convenient to check out an online HVAC calculator for a quote, but this doesn’t always provide the best results. Sometimes prices vary significantly from the preliminary quote. To avoid this problem, schedule an appointment in your home or business so the technician can get a good look at the current unit. This gives you a more accurate estimate when it comes to installation, maintenance or repairs.
  • Talk with technicians freely: Every family is unique. Some prefer maximum cooling output while others want an Energy Star certified unit that takes good care of the environment. Once we know your goals and how you like your temperature settings, we can offer better recommendations and HVAC care tips.
  • Write down questions ahead of time: Our team is always happy to answer your questions. We can even show you how to handle basic maintenance tasks such as clearing debris from around the HVAC unit or replacing filters. It’s a good idea to think about anything you want to ask our technician ahead of time so you get the most benefit from our regular inspection visits.
  • Be honest about existing problems: Remember that the goal of preventative maintenance is to detect and fix small problems before they get worse. Tell the technician about any strange noises or smells you notice. Hiding problems costs money in the long run, whereas taking care of quick repairs can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • Check what’s included in the price: Trustworthy companies don’t try to hide fees from you. Check the fine print to understand exactly what’s included in the inspection, especially related to any repairs that may be needed. For example, do you have to pay overtime for emergency repairs?

At Day & Night Air, we’re always open and honest about what to expect. We work with you to create a maintenance program that makes you happy.


How Much an AC Inspection Usually Costs

The HVAC inspection cost from different companies can vary significantly. The U.S. national average is around $210–$250 per visit. With some companies, you may have costs of $300–$400. Factors that can affect a maintenance cost could be the existing condition of your HVAC unit.

At Day & Night Air, the cost of preventative maintenance depends on which membership you choose. More than likely, we have a plan that meets your budget. Members receive a No Breakdown Guarantee, our signature Repair Warranty, and biannual maintenance visits. Many plans also offer significant discounts and credits to apply toward any repairs required. With these maintenance plans, your HVAC system is always ready to go and working in top shape.


Request an Expert HVAC Inspection Right Away

If your HVAC system hasn’t had the preventative maintenance it needs, it’s time to treat it to a professional inspection. That way you can enjoy maximum comfort. Call our friendly team at Day & Night Air to schedule an inspection or request more information. If you want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient unit, we can take care of every aspect of installation for you if you live in the Phoenix area.

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