New Year, New Savings: Check Our One Year Maintenance Plan

Financial Troubles Unexpected Bills

Some surprises — marriage proposals, lottery winnings, a job promotion — are wonderful, but some, like unexpected and costly air conditioning service, can be budget-busters. With the New Year, you can avoid the high costs of mid-summer HVAC emergency calls by arranging for preventive HVAC maintenance through a maintenance plan.

Maintenance is Key

The U.S. Department of Energy points out that regular maintenance is key to keeping your entire HVAC system functioning efficiently. You save money on energy costs and avoid costly emergency visits by taking a few simple steps, says

  • Replace or clean air conditioning filters
  • Clean off evaporator and condenser coils
  • Using a fin comb on coil fins
  • Clearing the condensate drains

HVAC Technicians AC Maintenance

Turning to a trained professional makes sense, too, for in-depth annual maintenance of your system.

Four Plans, Four Reasons to Relax

Day & Night Air offers four levels of year-round protection with our annual maintenance plans. We call them Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, but all of them really mean cool green: you save money and stay cool through the hot Phoenix summers.

Each plan includes twice-yearly maintenance visits and something more:

  1. Bronze — A 16-point inspection, 24-hour service priority, a one-year repair warranty, and a 30-day “No Breakdown” guarantee
  2. Silver — 33 inspection points, 12-Hour service priority, a one-year repair warranty, a 60-Day “No Breakdown” guarantee, PLUS a 10 percent repair discount, condensate drain flush, no overtime charges, and a condenser coil cleaning
  3. Gold — 42 inspection points, six-hour service priority, a two-year repair warranty, our 90-day “No Breakdown guarantee, a 15 percent repair discount, the condensate drain flush, no overtime charges, the condenser coil cleaning, PLUS an evaporator coil cleaning, $25 per year loyalty credit, and a free capacitor.
  4. Platinum — an astounding 54 inspection points, front of line service priority, three-year repair warranty, 120-day “No Breakdown” guarantee, 20 percent repair discount, the condensate drain flush, no overtime charges, condenser and evaporator coil cleaning, a $50 per year loyalty credit, the free capacitor, PLUS up to a pound of free refrigerant, two free four-inch filters, and a blower wheel cleaning

These plans range from $78/down and $13 a month (for Bronze) up to $270/down and $45 a month, for our Platinum plan. These are very small prices to pay for the level of protection they give. Ring in the New Year with money-saving maintenance. Contact us today at Day & Night Air to learn more about all our superior annual maintenance plans.