Product Spotlight: Trane XV20i Variable Speed Heat Pump System | Day And Night Air

If you cannot remember when your Phoenix-area home’s heat pump installation was performed, you are probably spending too much for too little comfort. Units more than 10 years old cannot compare to the energy efficiency and output today’s heat pumps can provide. One such marvel of modern technology, the Trane VX20i Variable Speed Heat Pump, is worth a second – and third, and fourth – look. Its variable speed compressor is like having four or more different heating and cooling systems connected to your home for optimal energy efficiency.

Peculiar to Arizona

Homeowners in the Phoenix area may adjust, but never get accustomed to, the temperature swings we endure. Summer’s 120-degree heat could be followed six months later by overnight freezing. For that heat, you need, say, a five-ton air-conditioning system (tonnage is a measure of cooling ability). For the lows, you need heat. For a more typical 90-degree day, you may be able to get by with a three-ton system (which would use significantly less energy).

The Trane XV20i variable speed heat pump operates at peak efficiency, mimicking the features of the hardest-working five-ton cooling system, providing pleasing warmth as needed, and then giving moderate cooling like a three-ton unit.

How it Works

The variable-speed compressor is the heart of the energy savings in the Trane heat pump. Trane’s TruComfort™ system gives you precise control of your comfort by running at the exact speed needed for your home. The variable speed compressor, outdoor fan and indoor fan all vary their operating speeds as temperatures outside change.

The unit can slow down or speed up gradually in as little as one-tenth of 1 percent increments to keep your Phoenix home comfortable within a half-degree of the desired setting.

When you contact your friendly, local HVAC experts to install your heat pump, conscientious contractors will measure your home’s heating and cooling load. With the Trane XV20i variable speed compressor, you get ideal settings no matter the call – hot or cold, it provides it all.

For expert heating and cooling services in the Phoenix area, contact us at Day & Night Air. We provide air conditioning services, heat pump installations and full service on all heating and cooling systems. We can schedule a convenient time to discuss all the benefits Trane’s XV20i variable speed heat pump can bring to your Phoenix home.