There’s nothing worse than an unexpected cold shower. Even in the heat of summer in Phoenix, you want to have consistent hot water throughout your home. If you have issues with your hot water supply, check out these common water heater problems. You’ll discover what to do when your water heater stops working, and who to call if you need water heater repairs. We can handle all types of water heater services, including tankless water heater repair.

Gas or Electric Water Heater?

There are several differences between gas and electric water heaters. Natural gas or propane water heaters have either a black or copper gas supply pipe. They will also include a vent, usually 3-inch or 4-inch PVC. Electrical water heaters have a larger supply cord, typically gray or black. They don’t require a vent, so you’ll only see the two water lines and one electric cord.

Why Is My Water Heater Not Heating Up?

Broken Thermocouple

Gas water heaters may not work due to a broken thermocouple. This important piece is required to keep your gas water heater working effectively. While it can be replaced on your own, consider contacting a professional to replace your thermocouple. An HVAC expert can make sure your pilot light, burning chamber, and other components are working properly.

Bad Heating Element

Instead of a thermocouple, electric water heaters use a heating element to heat water. A bad heating element is a common issue with electric water heaters. Before you can inspect your heating element, you need to turn off the circuit breaker and empty the water out of your water heater. This process can be time-consuming and you should always use extreme caution when working around electrical systems and water. Professional HVAC technicians can easily check to see that the heating element is working properly without removing it, which can save you lots of time.

Faulty Thermostat

Another common reason your hot water heater is not producing hot water is the thermostat. Your thermostat may need to be adjusted or replaced. Adjusting a thermostat is an easy task, but replacing it can be difficult if you aren’t experienced in electrical repairs. Be sure your hot water heater’s thermostat is adjusted properly before contacting a professional. Newer water heaters feature a digital thermostat that is easy to adjust, but most older water heaters require you to remove an access panel with a Phillips head screwdriver to manually adjust the thermostat.

Circuit Breaker Tripped

Before you pay to replace any parts, first check to see if you’ve tripped a circuit breaker. Gas and electric water heaters both require an electrical circuit, and any number of issues could cause the circuit to trip. Locate the circuit in your breaker box and see if any breakers are tripped. Sometimes, all you need to do to enjoy hot water in your home is to flip a breaker back on. If the breaker immediately trips back off, do not attempt to turn it on again. Contact a professional to find the solution, as there could be a dangerous electrical short in your water heater.

Water Heater is Too Small

Does your home have hot water for only a few minutes? If you have hot water, but not enough, then you may need a larger water heater. A small water heater may not be able to keep up with your water demands. Consider upgrading to a larger water heater or a powerful tankless water heater for consistent hot water.

If you already have a large water heater, the issue may be a broken heating element. Most electric water heaters have two heating elements. If only one heating element is working properly, your home will have a small amount of hot water available, but the water heater won’t reheat water fast enough to keep up with normal use. Contact an HVAC technician to determine whether you need a larger heater or replacement heating elements.

Why Isn’t My Tap Water Cold in Arizona?

Does your tap only have hot water? On hot summer days in Arizona, you may experience lukewarm or hot water coming out of your cold tap. Thankfully, this is an easy fix. This problem is not caused by your water heater but instead is from your water lines being heated by the hot air temperature.
A common solution is to use pipe wrap or other insulation to wrap the water lines. This is particularly effective if you have water lines that are exposed to outside temperatures, like in an unconditioned basement or attic space. For more information, talk to a licensed HVAC technician who is familiar with the local climate.

How Do I Get Consistent Hot Water?

For quick and friendly service in Arizona, contact Day & Night Air today. Our licensed technicians have the experience necessary to effectively diagnose your water heater issues and make the necessary repairs quickly. We serve locations all around the Phoenix, AZ area, and are familiar with local heating issues due to our unique climate. Enjoy warm, consistent water all year with a repaired water heater.