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Here in the Valley of the Sun, our daytime temperatures between May and October can be uncomfortably hot. That’s why we depend on having efficient HVAC systems to cool us back down after hiking Camelback Mountain or Papago Park. At Day & Night Air Conditioning in Phoenix, we’re often asked, “What type of air conditioner is right for me?” Answering that question requires understanding a customer’s unique home or business location situation.

There are basically two types of AC units – packaged and split systems – and while both do the same basic job of cooling space, the existing installation typically determines what system is best for your home.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of each.

What is an AC Package Unit?

A packaged HVAC unit is a complete heating and cooling system assembled in a factory in a controlled environment. This ensures the unit, when installed properly, operates at its most efficient state. All that needs to be installed on-site is a properly sized duct system, correctly sized electrical run, drain lines, thermostat wiring, along with other misc. things.

The downside to package units is that they are weathered by the sun and can become rusted. This typically only affects the looks of the system and not the functionally of it.

What is a Split System AC Unit?

A split system is called either a home comfort system or central heating and air conditioning system, and its components can be installed in an attic, basement, or closet, offering better protection for electronic elements. They are assembled onsite and offer various configurations, which can be customized to fit the particular situation. As a result, split systems can offer better results and higher efficiency than packaged units.

The challenge to split systems lies in their installation. If improperly installed, energy efficiency and performance can be greatly reduced. The technician must arrange and adjust the components correctly in order for the refrigerant levels to perform properly.

What to Consider Before Picking Your A/C System

Now that you understand what defines split ac systems, how do you know if that is the type of air conditioning for you? There are a few factors to consider that may help you decide if roof-mounted air conditioners are a better fit for your needs, or if split ac systems are what you need.

  • New install vs. replacement
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Space limitations
  • Security concerns

New AC Installation vs. Replacement HVAC Unit

Your possibilities are wide open if you are just building your home or office. You aren’t tied to the existing ventilation, wiring, or other equipment that supports your HVAC. Now you just have to decide which option fits your space, maintenance, and security concerns.

Ease of Maintenance

Consider if you’ll be able to climb onto the roof anytime you need to check your A/C equipment. If the weather is hot, if it is rainy or if you don’t feel like getting out that ladder, it is easy to let maintenance tasks slide. With split ac systems, you can quickly look over your equipment then still have plenty of time for a trip to the Phoenix Zoo.

Space Limitations

Patio homes and zero lot line homes are popular, particularly with older residents who have chosen to live where they don’t have large yards to maintain. When space in the home or yard is at a minimum, roof-mounted air conditioners may be the logical choice.

Security Concerns

With split ac systems, thieves don’t have easy access to valuable copper. There will be no unpleasant surprises when you try to turn on your air conditioner, as your equipment is as protected from intruders as you are. 

Day & Night Air Conditioning

The bottom line is every situation is unique. If you’re unsure as to which system is right for you, contact us through our website or call (602) 892-6976. Day & Night Air Conditioning has been providing clients with services including AC installation in Phoenix for years. We’re always ready to serve you and can help you make the right choice!

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