Should I Run My Swamp Cooler With My AC?

With Phoenix’s sweltering summer among us, some homeowners are faced with the decision between using a swamp cooler or an air conditioner. If you do not know the difference between the two, you’re not alone! Many people can’t tell the difference between the two, and some people believe that you need one of each to keep your home’s temperature comfortable. Here’s what you really need to know:

How do Swamp Coolers and Air Conditioners Work?

The biggest difference between an air conditioner and a swamp cooler is that one system is considered a closed system while the other is an open system. An air conditioner is considered a closed system because it recirculates and conditions the air in the home over and over.

A swamp cooler works differently by actually drawing outside air through the water-cooled pads, cooling and adding moisture to the air that is blown into the home. This is considered an open system because air is drawn from outside of the home and introduced into the home. It is important to know that swamp coolers become very ineffective during monsoon season and during extreme heat. This is why many people have removed their old swamp coolers and have had a high efficiency air conditioner installed.

Using a Swamp Cooler with Air Conditioning

So now that you understand the differences between the two systems, the question is whether or not you should be using them together. The simple answer is no. This is because an air conditioner works to keep the air cool and dry while eliminating any excess moisture that might cause mold or mildew. It also filters the air and uses ducts to direct air precisely through your house. By contrast, a swamp cooler adds moisture to the air, effectively canceling out the work of the air conditioner. Swamp coolers are completely open systems, so you will be losing efficiency every time the swamp cooler pulls in air from outside the house.

If you are unsure of the type of system your home is currently using, we invite you to contact Day & Night Air today. We can help answer questions about how your home is set up and what you can expect from each type of system. We can also help you make the most of the system that is currently installed with regular maintenance and repairs.

Featured image: santypan/Shutterstock