Surviving the Winter When You're a Phoenician -Day and Night Air

Here at Day & Night Air, we stay busy not just day and night, but all year long. Many of our wintertime service calls are to get Phoenix homeowners’ furnaces and heat pumps back up and running.

This reminds us that preparing your home for winter means more than just hanging a wreath.

How Phoenicians handle winter Antarctica

Festive Furnace Filters

Give yourself an early holiday gift and change your heating system’s filter. You will breathe better and so will your furnace. If you have a permanent filter, do not throw it out with the old gift-wrap; wash it and replace it. Better yet, have Day & Night Air come out to service your system, perform needed HVAC repair, and check your filter.

O Thermostat, O Thermostat!

Honeywell thermostat old school appliances
If you still have the ol’ Honeywell T832 round thermostat, join us here in the 21st century! Have Day & Night Air replace your thermostat with a more accurate, more reliable Wi-Fi unit that you can check from work, vacation or on the road.

Even simply having your existing thermostat checked as part of routine heating maintenance can help even out your fuel bills and make your home more comfortable through the winter.

Day & Night Air can check your thermostat’s accuracy and set energy-efficient programming during a service call.

Inspect, Detect, and Repair

Get your Phoenix home’s heating system tuned up, cleaned and serviced before the cold desert nights put a strain on your furnace. Contact Day & Night Air to arrange a thorough heating system inspection. Our trained technicians can look over your ductwork, recommend duct cleaning if needed, ensure your system is balanced, and diagnose any incipient issues with your furnace, heat pump or boiler.

Finding and fixing a small problem before it becomes a costly repair is always satisfying to us. We gain a valued customer, and you can save some big cash for holiday gifts knowing your furnace will provide plenty of cozy warmth throughout the winter. While we do handle emergency calls, it’s far better for Phoenicians to spend a little now on maintenance and repairs rather than replacing a completely broken and worn-out system later.

For all your home heating and cooling needs — winter, spring summer and fall —contact us at Day & Night Air. Our trained technicians can provide the HVAC repair, heating maintenance and other services you need to be ready for whatever winter brings.