5 Reasons to Get Regular AC Maintenance | Day & Night Air Conditioning, Furnace, & Plumbing

An air conditioner that runs effectively helps you save money, lasts longer, and ensures your Arizona home stays at a comfortable temperature year-round. Read on to learn more about the importance of servicing your air conditioner.

1. Improved energy efficiency

If your system isn’t maintained regularly, its efficiency rating can drop by approximately 5% each year. A regularly serviced air conditioning system will lower power consumption, so you’ll save on energy costs. When moving to a new house, make sure to check the air conditioning unit has a good service history, or you may be met with unexpectedly high energy bills!

2. Improved air quality

One of an air conditioner’s important functions is humidity control. An air conditioning system that isn’t well-maintained will struggle to perform this function well, leading to reduced air quality. Low air quality in your household is a health risk, so it’s imperative to keep your system up-to-scratch.

3. Increased lifespan

Over time, like any other appliance or mechanical device, air conditioning systems will gradually degrade if left untouched. The system won’t work as efficiently, leading to increased costs and poorer heating and cooling performance. Keep your system running well by regularly checking for blockages and replacing worn-out or broken parts.

4. Better overall comfort

A poorly maintained air conditioner is the last thing you’d want on a hot Phoenix afternoon or freezing night. Keep this in mind when moving home—an uncomfortable room temperature may indicate a problem with the air conditioning system. A well-maintained air conditioner will guarantee a comfortable living space year-round.

5. Maintain warranty

Many air conditioning units come with warranty on new units—but only if they’re serviced regularly. Save money in the case of an untimely breakdown by ensuring your system is checked regularly. A system without a regular service history may mean its warranty is void.

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