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You may have already resolved that 2021 will be when you decide on air conditioning replacement for your old central AC system. You may have narrowed your choices to two of the top brands, Lennox and Trane.

We at Day & Night Air are not trying to influence your decision — they are both worthy brands — but we would not be the high-quality HVAC company Phoenix homeowners have come to depend on if we did not provide high-quality advice.

Features of Trane Air Conditioner Units

The Trane brand is best known for building very durable air conditioning systems. Unlike other brands, they have lead innovation in the HVAC industry by using variable speed compressors to offer increased levels comfort and reduced sound levels. This means you increase the efficiency of your air conditioner, which will help to reduce your energy use resulting in lower utility bills. The variable speed compressor has been used in the industrial air conditioning field for many years, so you can rest assured that your system will withstand the test of time. Trane AC repair in Phoenix is simpler and faster than other lesser known units.

In addition, Trane has added their patented spine fin coil technology to their coils to enhance the performance of the coils themselves. This system increases the surface area of the coils and makes it easier for the air to carry the heat away. These advancements in technology are an underlying part of what has made Trane one of the best air conditioner manufacturers for many years running. Trane also has some of the best customer service, parts warranties, and accessibility so new parts can be ordered in no time at all.

Nationally, most owners of Trane central air conditioners report high marks for reliability. Trane has the innovative XV20i, a modulating model that runs at low capacity almost constantly in hot weather, but increases in energy-sipping increments as low as one percent in response to demand. This means you can keep your Phoenix home temperature as close as a half a degree Fahrenheit to your desired setting. It rates at 21 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which is not at the top of the scale, but very close.

Trane models can “talk” to you via your smartphone, alerting you to system malfunctions, needed filter changes and more. Expect a 10-year warranty on everything except the compressor, which carries a 12-year warranty. Day & Night Air technicians have years of experience installing the very popular Trane air conditioners.

Features of Lennox AC Units

Lennox Home Air Conditioning Unit

Every brand has a “deluxe” line; in Lennox this means the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, with the XC25 at top billing. It has a SEER rating of up 26 SEER (depending on unit size), which can cut your energy costs by as much as 60 percent if you are replacing an old unit. The XC25 is also one of the Most Efficient Energy Star qualified products for 2016.

An added wrinkle: the XC25 can be hooked directly to solar panels that can be used to power the air-conditioner, and to supply excess power to your home. For Phoenix homeowners, that could be a deal-clincher. Lennox provides a 10-year warranty on the system. Day & Night Air can install your next Trane AC unit.

The debate between Trane vs. Lennox would not be complete without examining all of the work that Lennox has done to improve energy efficiency. Most notably, Lennox was forward-thinking enough to make their units solar compatible without any specialized hardware. Lennox clearly has their eyes on the future when it comes to keeping your home cool while eliminating expensive power bills. Lennox AC units are also compatible with Alexa, which shows that they are ready for the next wave of smart home technology to make your life even simpler.

And while Trane may have invested in fancy spines for their coils, the truth is that they still use aluminum coils, which cannot be repaired and must be replaced. By contrast, Lennox uses copper coils which can be repaired on site with minimal equipment. If you ever have a leaking coil, you will want it to be a copper coil so you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on what would otherwise be a minor repair.

If you are on the fence between buying Trane or Lennox, it is best to consult your local HVAC expert. Both Trane and Lennox perform admirably when properly installed, but each has its own weaknesses that may affect how well it performs in your home. Your HVAC tech can help you decide which one is the best fit for you long term.

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