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Choosing a quality air filter for your home can be daunting. There are dozens of choices on the market, and unless you’re a professional, it can be hard to tell which one is perfect for the size and application you need. Nevertheless, with the notoriously poor air quality in Phoenix, you don’t want to put off the purchase of an air filter! Here’s what you should consider:


What is the Best HVAC Filter for Your Home?

As you begin your search for a quality air filter for your home, you should be thinking about what you want to accomplish with your air filter. Some filters are made of a tighter mesh material than others, which effectively traps more dust, dander, and bacteria. However, the tighter your air filter is, the harder it is for air to circulate through your house. Most families opt for a middle ground filter that catches the majority of dander and bacteria without causing air to become stagnant. You should also consider whether you want a disposable filter, which will need to be changed every or an purification system that will filter allergens, dander and bacteria as small as .03 microns. Disposable filters can be found at most home improvement stores in common sizes and they are relatively inexpensive. While air purification system are typically installed and maintained by professional HVAC companies.

The problem with most air filters is that they aren’t quite sufficient to protect your home on their own. Air filters are capable of catching bacteria, but they cannot neutralize it on their own. Only an air purification system is capable of actually killing the bacteria and making sure that it doesn’t end up back in your home. This is especially important if you are concerned about allergies or asthma.


Making Your Air Quality One Step Cleaner

From the moment your air filter installation is completed, you will begin to notice a difference in the quality of your indoor air. For those with allergies and asthma, the difference in air quality will be noticeable with a fresh filter in place, but can be truly life changing with the help of an air purification system. You will notice fewer signs of irritation relating to smoke, pollen, pet dander, mold, and bacteria. The Trane Clean Effects Air Purification system has been rated 99.98% effective at trapping particles.

The best quality air is achieved by combining light-density air filters with regular maintenance and a solid air purification system. Day & Night Air offers a wide range of air quality services, including the installation of air filters and purification systems. We stand by the Trane Clean Effects Air Purification System because it is a brand we trust, and it delivers better air quality than other available air filters. We truly believe that you will feel the difference in quality every day as you experience fewer allergies and healthier living all around. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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