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At  Day & Night Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, our Phoenix friends and neighbors often ask us when to repipe a house. Knowing when to repipe your home isn’t always as easy to identify as other home repairs, like noticing your paint is peeling, or your A/C isn’t cooling. However, some telltale signs may answer the question, “Should I repipe my house?”

The Age of Your House

Older homes have so much character. Unfortunately, they also contain materials that are no longer used due to water safety laws, updated building codes, or the availability of superior products. 50 years ago or more, the plumbing systems had materials like galvanized pipes that are prone to corrosion. Houses built before WWII with original plumbing could contain plumbing comprised of galvanized steel, cast iron, or even clay.

Homes built after 1970 typically use copper or the more durable, corrosion-resistant plastics like PEX and CPVC. If your Phoenix area house was built before 1970, we recommend repiping your home.

Poor Water Quality

When you turn on the water, does it look yellow, brown, or red? The color of your water, particularly if you’ve been away and haven’t turned on your faucets recently, could indicate that you have rust in your pipes. If your water has a bad smell or taste, it could indicate that your pipes are deteriorating and allowing your water to be contaminated. If you notice an unusual color, taste, or smell in your water, that is a good indicator that it is time to repipe the plumbing in your house.  

Low Water Pressure

Have you noticed that you aren’t getting the water pressure you used to have? Or do you suddenly lose pressure if someone washes their hands or starts the dishwasher while you are showering? If so, corrosion in your plumbing could be the reason. When the opening in the pipes start to narrow from corrosion and buildup, it won’t get any better. It is time to replace your plumbing with current materials that won’t break down.

Recurring Blockages or Leaks

When pipes start to break down, pieces start to corrode and break off, causing problems like stopped-up toilets and drains or even messy leaks where the pipes have become thin. If you notice this is happening more often, give us a call. Our team of experienced technicians can inspect your plumbing to see if it is time to upgrade to newer, non-corrosive materials. 

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Day & Night Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing is proud to have our friends and neighbors in the Phoenix area as customers. We want your home to be as safe and comfortable as it can be. If you have plumbing problems, contact us today


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