Who is responsible for my unit maintenance, me or my landlord? | Day & Night Air Conditioning, Furnace, & Plumbing

As a new tenant, it can be frustrating to find that your apartment or house’s AC unit does not live up to expectations. Of course, you will be wondering whose responsibility it is to take care of the appliance if it needs a repair or regular maintenance. The problem is that the answer may vary depending on what is included in your lease. There are several common arrangements that we see in practice today.


Landlord Controlled and Maintained

A lease that includes a provision for landlord control and maintenance of the HVAC system is very common. This gives the landlord permission to have the unit serviced and inspected, and puts them on the hook for any major or minor repairs that need to be done. In addition, it also gives the landlord permission to enter the property, usually during specified hours and with advanced notice, so that they can change filters and have things cleaned. If this is the case specified in your lease, then you need to contact your landlord or property manager whenever you are having problems with your air conditioning in Phoenix.


Landlord Controlled, Tenant Maintained

In these types of leases, the landlord remains responsible for any major repairs to the system and ensuring that the system operates as expected. However, the tenant is responsible for buying and changing filters and performing minor maintenance and repairs as necessary. This is usually easy for tenants to handle, but it does put the tenant on the hook if there is ever a repair needed due to their failure to properly maintain the system.

If your lease specifies that you are in charge of maintaining the system, you will need to call and get specific information about what repairs are on your plate and when the landlord takes over responsibility. Ideally, your contract will spell out exactly which filters you should be changing and when amongst other things to keep you on track. You should always be sure to keep records of any repairs or maintenance you have completed.

Once you have determined who is in charge of handling your Phoenix AC unit, it is time to get in touch with an HVAC contractor like Day & Night Air. We can help you get your unit back up and running in no time, and set up an annual maintenance plan for simple upkeep while the property is leased. This will reduce the amount of AC repairs needed and improve your overall comfort.

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