Why Are AC Filters Important to Have?

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with how their air conditioners actually work. Some are surprised to find that their air conditioners use a specialized AC unit filter to function properly, and that these filters must be changed now and then. If you have never looked at your AC filter, now is the time to read up on how and why the air filter for your AC unit is important.

How Air Conditioners Work

Basically, an air conditioner works by pulling air into the unit and quickly pushing it over a set of coils. On the inside of your home, the air is pushed over a cold coil, so it quickly cools down before re-entering your home. This is the nice cold air you like to feel. On the outside of your home, ambient air is drawn in and pulled over a set of warm coils where it helps draw heat away before going back out into the environment slightly warmer than it began.

Why You Need a Filter

By now you should have discovered that your indoor unit does have a filter in place. This filter is imperative for keeping debris and dust out of the evaporator coil of the AC unit. Likewise, your outdoor unit uses a grille and other protective measures to keep leaves and dirt out of the cooling fins. If dirt is allowed into the unit, it can build up on the coils and cause the system to function poorly. However, even with a filter in place, you need to perform regular maintenance. A clogged filter will block any air from coming through the unit, and you may notice that the result is weakened cooling.

The real problem with a clogged filter is that the air conditioner may not be able to cool your home enough to satisfy the thermostat. This makes the air conditioner run longer and longer to get the temperature down, raising your energy consumption and putting unnecessary stress on your air conditioner. Over the long run, this can cause excessive wear and tear on the unit’s internal components.

Are You Due for a Filter Change?

Now that you understand how an air conditioner works and why filters are so important, it is time to check your own filters. Filters should be changed seasonally and often checked for signs of buildup. If you are unsure of how to check or change your filters, you should call a licensed HVAC contractor like Day & Night Air. We provide a wide range of Phoenix AC services to homeowners and commercial users.

Featured image: Rido/Shutterstock