Why Fixing Your AC Should Be Your Top Financial Priority

Budget Money for AC Repair Costs

We have all struggled with budgets. Some of us use the envelope method, separating our cash into categories and stowing the money away in different envelopes. Some use spreadsheets or online apps like Mint.

No matter what system you use, at Day & Night Air we know that AC repair in December or January is probably not a high priority for you. Nonetheless, getting your AC repaired now can pay off later, and should be one of your top financial priorities.

Going All In for the Full Fix?

Some Phoenix homeowners hope to squeak by with an AC repair of just one part of their central air conditioner. Say the outside condenser is not working; you may think a 10-year-old inside evaporator will operate well with a new outdoor condenser, but that is not true. AC replacement of the entire system makes more sense financially than trying to get two vastly different pieces to work well together.

Home AC System Main Parts Diagram

A new system comes with a new warranty, protecting your investment. It also comes with energy efficiency unmatched in older systems. Full AC system repairs made in winter by Day & Night Air that dehumidify your home in summer also prevent mold and mildew from gaining a money-draining foothold in your home.

Landlords and Tenants

If you are a landlord, your tenants have a legal right to working air conditioning. The Residential Landlord and Tenant Act considers air conditioning a “need” on par with water.

If you are a tenant and your AC is not working, notify your landlord in writing (this triggers the legal process). If your landlord does nothing, you can have it repaired and deduct the cost of the repair from your rent (up to $299.99 or half a month’s rent; whichever is higher).

In either instance, whether you are the landlord or the tenant, the AC needs to work. This means the small investment you make now in making sure it is repaired and working smoothly will pay off in the cooling season. Avoid fines and financial fights by getting a local HVAC company like Day & Night Air to come out during the mild Phoenix winter to be ready for the hot Phoenix summer.

Need AC Repair? Day & Night Air is Here to Help

For air conditioning repair, you need someone reliable, trustworthy, and local. Many Phoenix homeowners turn to Day & Night Air for AC repair and AC replacement. Contact Day & Night Air today to learn more about how AC repair can be a smart financial decision for you.