Why is My AC Unit Leaking Water? | Day & Night

If you woke up today to find that your AC unit started leaking, you’re likely wondering why – and what you can do about it. At Day & Night Air, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common causes of a leaking air conditioner.

Your Condensate Drain is Clogged

Your condensate drain can become blocked or clogged relatively easily. Many different substances can create blockage, including dirt, algae, rust, and other debris. At Day & Night Air, we recommend regular maintenance to prevent a clogged condensate drain, which can lead to an AC water leak.

Your Drain Line has Become Disconnected

If your AC was installed incorrectly, the drain line can loosen over time. When this happens, the pipe eventually disconnects from the air conditioner altogether, which can lead to a leak.

Your Air Filter is Dirty

If your AC suffers from dirty air filters, then the airflow is restricted over your evaporator coils. This results in cold coils that can eventually freeze over. Once they melt, the extra moisture can drip down into the condensate pan. If it overflows, then you’ll have a leaking AC.

A Cracked Condensate Pan

As time goes on, normal wear and tear can lead to rust on your condensate pan; once it’s rusted, it will eventually crack. If this happens, then you’re dealing with a drain pan that’s not sealed and the result could be water leaking from your AC.

Low Levels of Refrigerant

If you have low refrigerant levels in your AC unit, you’ll end up with a lower amount of pressure in the system – which can cause the evaporator coils to freeze. If this happens, then your drain pan could overflow and water could leak. If you are concerned about your refrigerant levels, contact Day & Night Air right away.

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