Few people understand the inner workings of their air conditioners, which makes it especially scary when the AC starts making loud noises inside the unit. An air conditioner making noise for any reason should raise your suspicions, but it is not always a sign of danger. Here’s what you need to know if you start hearing a dripping or splashing noise from your AC.

The Water Inside Your AC Unit

Before you can investigate the source of your air conditioner making noise, you must first understand how water works inside of your unit. As your air conditioner draws air in and across the condenser coils, it draws all of the moisture out of the air before putting it back into your house. Without this step, the AC would fill your house with humidity and lead to potential mold issues. However, all that water has to go somewhere. As the moisture collects on the condenser coils, it runs down and drips into a catch pan below. When your unit is working properly, this water is then drained through a line that takes it out of your house.


When There’s a Problem

For the most part, you shouldn’t hear dripping or splashing sounds from your unit unless your unit is working overtime. If you hear this sound, it could be a sign that the drip pan beneath your unit is filling up instead of draining properly. Eventually, it could overflow and cause water damage inside your home above your ceiling. In most cases, you should be able to easily identify the drain line running from the drip pan, and follow it outside to determine if it is draining properly. If not, you can clean it out by using compressed air as long as you can clearly identify which line is the drain.

In other cases, the problem could be that your drip pan is not level or that the drain line is not properly installed. These problems can be harder to diagnose and fix.


Contact an Experienced Phoenix AC Repair Expert

If you are unable to investigate the source of the dripping sound or the drain lines are not accessible, you may need to call an HVAC contractor to your aid. Day & Night Air can help investigate the sounds coming from your unit and remedy any signs that water damage could be in your future. It is always best to call when you hear a suspicious noise, lest you be left with serious damage in the ceiling or attic space.