Today’s air conditioning units are built with quiet efficiency in mind. However, many homeowners turn on their air conditioners after a winter break and discover that their unit is making all kinds of noise. There are several different kinds of noises that air conditioners can make, and each one points to a different problem. Here’s what you should be listening for:

Banging and Clanging

You should never have to listen to banging and clanging coming from your air conditioning unit. If you notice a racket like this, it could be a sign that your blower or compressor has come loose, causing the parts to collide as the unit functions. Also, it could point to fan blades that have come out of balance, causing them to strike other components inside the unit. If you notice these kinds of sounds, you should call for an HVAC repair in Phoenix right away before any more damage is done.


Typically you will hear your AC unit click once when it turns on and once when it turns off, and this is perfectly normal. However, if you notice that your unit starts clicking frequently, it could mean that there is a problem with the electronics in your unit, causing it to shut on and off rapidly. This can wear down your unit quickly or cause the unit to get stuck. The best way to prevent this is with regular air conditioning maintenance year after year.

Squealing and Screeching

Some people report that they hear a screaming sound coming from their unit outside. This is a sure sign that something is wrong. If your compressor gets very low on refrigerant or has a major leak, it can cause this high pitched sound to cry out from your air conditioner. In addition, the motors that run your blower and fan can also make this sound if they are starting to seize up, preventing the parts from moving freely. At the first sign of a loud air conditioner, you should call your Phoenix AC service partner to have the problem looked at.


Finally, rattling is another common sound that indicates some of the parts of your system are starting to wear out. These can usually be repaired if you call before the rattling turns into a more serious sound like banging and clanging. If the parts have just started to show signs of damage, your regular maintenance team should be able to handle it.

If you’re asking why is my air conditioner so loud, it is time to call Day and Night Air. We can help troubleshoot any issues that could be leading to noisy and distracting air conditioning.