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No matter what you do, it seems like there’s a particular room in your house that just can’t get enough cool air. If spending any amount of time in this room leaves you miserable, it’s time to get to the root of the problem so you can finally enjoy the space.

Why Is My Room Hotter Than the Rest of the House?

There’s more than one reason that certain rooms of your home feel warmer. The location of the room can be a big factor, as can problems within your home’s air conditioning system. Take a look at these six reasons and consider if one or more of them apply to your situation.

How Many Return Air Vents do I Need

Hot rooms are cooled by distributing cold air and removing warm air. The air return is an important part of this process because it takes all that hot air back through the duct system to cool it down and redistribute it throughout the house.

Having more air returns installed can help pull out all the excessively warm air that is heating up your room. Contact an HVAC company to evaluate the number of air returns you currently have and see if installing more is possible.

Need More House Insulation

Insulation regulates the temperature in homes by keeping cool air in and warm air out during the summer. Rooms should be insulated on all sides, including the ceiling. If the room also seems much colder during cooler months, then you may be looking at a lack of proper insulation.

Have a professional inspect your system to determine if there’s an underlying problem. If there’s not, then it could be that the room is not insulated enough. You can resolve this by having new insulation installed in the walls and ceiling of the room.

Undersized AC Unit

If your air conditioning unit is getting older in years, it may be that it’s no longer powerful enough to properly distribute air in your house. Another possibility is that the unit is simply not big enough. Large home renovations, such as additions or expansions, increase the amount of airflow you need, turning a perfectly adequate unit into a problem.

With a broken air conditioner that’s over 10 years old, you’re better off investing in a whole new unit rather than repairing it. Installation can have certain complications, so it’s wise to consult a professional.

Inefficient AC Ductwork

Your ducts are responsible for carrying airflow throughout your home. If there’s a problem with one particular room, it could be a problem in your ductwork that is inhibiting air from reaching it. There are several things that can go wrong with your ductwork:

  • Faulty duct connections
  • Holes or leaks
  • Obstructions
  • Improper duct sizing
  • Insufficient insulation

Another potential problem you may run into with ductwork is a lack of air pressure. When a duct is too large, air can spread out to a point where it loses the pressure it needs to travel the lengthy journey to a particular room.

Repairing ductwork is an invasive and complicated process. If you suspect this may be the culprit, have a professional take a look and assess the repairs.

The Distance of Room from AC Unit

How far away is your warm room from the air conditioning unit? If the air has a long distance to travel through the duct, it may struggle to complete the journey. This is especially true in rooms on upper floors when the unit is in the basement. Because heat rises, these rooms are more prone to overheating as it is, and a long duct run exacerbates the problem.

If your ductwork is otherwise functioning well, the solution may require a professional to restructure the duct paths so they’re able to provide better airflow to the rooms furthest away from your unit.

Too Much Direct Sunlight

Some rooms in your home will receive more sunlight than others due to a larger number of windows. If those windows are pointed towards the west, this can be even more of a problem, especially if the windows are older.

Natural heat like this can be difficult to remedy, but one potential option you have is a zoning system. Zoning divides your air conditioner’s operation into segments, enabling you to increase airflow to a certain room of the home without turning the rest of your house into a refrigerator.

If you have multiple balancing issues throughout the house, in regard to too much or too little air flow, this can be a great solution. Ask your HVAC technician if this is a possibility for you.

Get Professional AC Help

That intensely hot room in your home doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. AC repair in Phoenix is an important step to ensuring your comfort during the stifling heat. Every concern has a solution, and Day & Night Air can diagnose the issue and resolve it. Call us today at 602-900-9415 to schedule an inspection.

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