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Smart Thermostats: An Investment in Comfort and Convenience

Keeping your home at a comfortable, consistent temperature is a great way to save money. Waiting until it gets unbearably hot to turn on your A/C or too cold before turning on the heater makes your unit work harder. In turn, that takes more energy and costs you more money in your utility bills at the end of the month. Upgrading to a smart thermostat is an excellent way to even out your energy bills and let your HVAC system run optimally, saving money on wear, tear, and maintenance. 

At Day & Night Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we love helping our friends and neighbors in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding metro cities save time and money while reintroducing them to how enjoyable and comfortable their home can be. Changing your home thermostat means never again will you have to worry about a sudden temperature change leaving your pets in a stifling or freezing home. Technological advances in your upgrade thermostat allow you to keep an eye on your home when you are away, including monitoring the temperature and adjusting it remotely. Talk to one of our certified technicians about updating your home to one of these convenient, money-saving features. 

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

Most homeowners are busy people. Kids, jobs, extracurricular activities, and daily life tasks leave little room for added responsibilities. One way to simplify your life is to add a smart thermostat. It not only monitors the temperature outside and inside your home, but it also adjusts it to keep to a comfortable, consistent temperature without you having to manually monitor and adjust once your family complains. The added benefit is that it does this without you even being home. 

With older thermostats, long weekends away or vacations would require homeowners to either set the desired temperature to a lower or higher setting to prevent your system from coming on as frequently or turn it off completely to try and save energy. When you got home, you’d have to endure a stuffy, humid, hot, or cold house while your HVAC system was working overtime to return the environment to a more appropriate temperature. A new upgrade thermostat works like a small computer. Using your home’s existing wifi connection and an app on your smartphone, you can communicate with your HVAC system from anywhere at any time.

Why You Should Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

In Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding metro cities, you can go from both extremes of heat and cold in a single 24 hour period. Depending upon the model, a smart thermostat can monitor multiple conditions and automatically adjust your HVAC system accordingly. Let’s look at some of the reasons you should consider changing your home thermostat to a smart thermostat. 

They Are More Accurate 

The original mercury thermostats are not very accurate. Newer digital thermostats are much more accurate but still don’t offer state-of-the-art features and the pinpoint accuracy of a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats constantly monitor the environment and adjust for superior energy efficiency.

They Are Accessible From Anywhere

How many people have gotten hot while working in the yard or around the house and lowered the thermostat to cool off? How many of those people have forgotten to adjust back to a more normal setting before they left the house? With a smart thermostat, you never again have to worry about whether you adjusted the temperature before you left or what you’ll have to deal with when you get home.

They Are More Efficient

One of the most attractive features of a smart thermostat for most homeowners is that they save money. Not only do they save on your energy bills, but they allow your system to run more efficiently, which saves you money on wear, tear, and maintenance.

They Help Resolve Issues With Outdated Thermostats

Older thermostats had issues. Particularly with older homes that still have the original thermostats, you may be dealing with poor placement that can affect the temperature reading, bad or outdated electrical connections, or a buildup of dirt and debris. The latest smart thermostats are much more efficient, accurate, and convenient. 

They Provide More Control Over Your Environment

With newer HVAC systems, your smart thermostat allows you to control the climate in your home by zones. If you set your thermostats to a comfortable temperature for your sunny kitchen or den, the bedrooms can be chilly in many homes. When you have a smart thermostat and a compatible HVAC system, you can customize the settings to be more appropriate for how you use each area of your home.

They Provide Improved Air Quality

Another convenient feature of a smart thermostat is that it can notify you of when you change your air filters or when you need to schedule maintenance. By reminding you of these easily overlooked tasks, these features provide consistent, improved air quality while extending your HVAC system’s functional life and energy efficiency. You may also notice an improvement in seasonal allergies or a reduction in symptoms of asthma or other pulmonary issues due to dust, dirt, and other airborne contaminants.

Considerations for Upgrading

If you just purchased your home or you are going from old school to high-tech, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind to prepare for taking advantage of your new smart thermostat:

  • You’ll need a WiFi connection - Remember that you’ll need a wifi connection to take advantage of all the features of a smart thermostat. If you are considering installing one in your getaway home where you go to disconnect and go device-free, you’ll either have to make an exception for your smart thermostat or rethink your priorities. For most homes, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • You’ll need a smartphone and a mobile app for remote capabilities - If you are still holding onto your retro analog flip phone, you’ll need to upgrade to a smartphone to take full advantage of all a smart thermostat has to offer. One of the most attractive features is the ability to monitor and control your HVAC system from anywhere, so a smartphone is the key to having that freedom.
  • You can integrate it with a smart-home system - If you already embrace technology, you likely have a smart home system. Smart thermostats come with built-in compatibility with all the most popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Logitech Harmony, or Wink. If you already have one of these systems, make sure your new smart thermostat is compatible with your smart home system before installing it. 

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